Snacking … Indian Style

by Cate on March 15, 2005

It’s not even 7 am, and I already have cravings. For those into Indian food (me!, me!, me!), the word chaat is not really foreign. Chaat is a all-encompassing term for Indian snacks available. Chaat, although referring to snacks in general, is a quick reference for the wonderful combinations of crunchy and salty mixes. In India, chaats are sold from corner vendors and street carts, just like our popular dirty-water-dog vendors. There are a variety of different chaats available. My favorites include Bhel Puri (a mixture of puffed rice, mint, diced potatoes and onions, topped with yogurt, cilantro and a chutney or spice), Aloo Tikki (the potato croquettes I made recently), and Pani Puri (hollow, round shells that you stuff with a mixture of potatoes and chick peas and finish off with a sweet or spicy water). The latter, Pani Puri, is a particular favorite … and most can (and do!) eat 50 in a sitting. It’s a small little thing that you just pop in your mouth, and is it ever addicting.

Intrigued? New York Times ran a great article last week about Chaats, which you can check out here.

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