The Great Mustard Debate

by Cate on April 22, 2005

No cooking tonight – we got take-out for Jose Tejas. Lest you think we eat out a lot, they’re actually mystery shops, which means companies pay us to evaluate restaurants and their food, and then reimburse us for the meal. Not too shabby, eh? Makes for much less guilt in regards to spending money that way.

I had their Fish Tacos – very tasty and satisfying. There’s some sort of orange sauce on it that has a little bit of a kick and it comes with great black beans and rice. Nicholas got Cheese Quesadillas, which he eschewed in favor of chips and guacamole. Well, at least guacamole has avocados and tomatoes in it, so we can count it as vegetables, right? I managed to convince him to have a few bites of the quesadillas anyway, but he wasn’t thrilled about it. The Husband had their Argentinean steak with Chimichurri sauce. I’m going to search for a recipe for this one, since it’s one of his favorite steak dishes.

So, for tonight, the kitchen is now CLOSED. I’ve been nursing a sore throat all week, along with the obligatory congestion and sniffles, so we’re just going to hang out and do a family TV night. With The Apprentice, Survivor and assorted other shows on tonight, it’ll be a toss-up to see what gets screen time. Ah, gotta love Tivo!

Real Simple Magazine recently conducted a survey to find the “best of the best” in terms of mustard. For the Best Yellow, they rated French’s as the leader and no surprise here, Best Dijon was Grey Poupon and its noted attribute was that it was “not totally sinus clearing.” That’s certainly a good attribute to have! I have to say, I agree with these two choices. The Best Deli/Brown Mustard was Hickory Farms and Best Honey Mustard was Inglehoffer. I’ve never had either of these two before, and as a Honey Mustard fan (particularly for pretzel dippage), it’s next on my list to check out. So, do you agree with their survey results? Disagree? Holla back.

In a recent issue of one of my British cooking magazines, they listed their Top Food Web Sites. Two are old standbys you’re probably familiar with, but a few are new to me – maybe you too!). Check ‘em out next time you’re stumped on the age-old question of “What’s for Dinner?”

Top Five Food Web Sites
Meals for You
Good Karma Café
BBC Online – Food

Until tomorrow…

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Sue April 22, 2005 at 3:23 am

I hope you feel better soon.

Grey Poupon? I think I like Maille better.


Laurie April 22, 2005 at 1:15 pm

French’s is the choice for my husband who just loves his “yellow mustard”, I prefer Grey Poupon for cooking, and I haven’t had the chance of trying the Hickory Farms mustard, but I do use Inglehoffer for dipping, I used it this past Christmas as my dipping choice for the Spinach Balls, and my son also loves his Jack Daniel’s honey mustard, he is always asking for that brand the most.


Cate April 22, 2005 at 2:00 pm

Thanks, SueBob – definitely feeling better than I did Monday, but this one’s been kicking my butt lately. I like Maille too, especially their horseradish one.

Laurie – Jack Daniels honey mustard? Didn’t know they had a line. Is at the grocery store or a specialty thing? I’ll have to look out for it.


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