Happy Father’s Day!

by Cate on June 20, 2005

Hope everyone that celebrates Father’s Day had a wonderful one. We celebrated the day with dinner at my parents’ house. With everyone being sick, it ended up being a Costco-inspired meal, with dessert and salad from there. They really DO have delicious stuff though – check out the dessert!

An Oprah episode awhile back highlighted her first trip to Costco, and it was interesting to get a behind-the-scenes look at how their kitchen works, and how much work they put into the items they make there. Although their store eventually closes, their kitchen barely does, with the staff there nearly round-the-clock. It was nice to see the care they put into buying the ingredients and coming up with the product line.

The main course was Spaghetti Arrlechino (sp?). My mom got this recipe when we lived in Italy some 25 years ago. The American transplants were looking for ways to keep themselves busy during their time there and convinced a local restaurant chef to come over and give them cooking lessons weekly. Neat, huh? This dish is one of the ones he taught them, and continues to be a family favorite.

Watched Home Shopping Network last week, for the first time in y-e-a-r-s. Of course, as luck would have it, I happened to turn it on when they were having their kitchen segment. I’ve been wanting a deep fryer for awhile now, and finally took the plunge. I bought their Bravetti Deep Flash Fryer. I thought the price ($39.99) was cheap enough for me to buy it and get my fried food fix.

All for now … off to hang out with my family. Until tomorrow…

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