Supper Club, Something Red

by Cate on September 28, 2005

Today was just one of those days where it would have made more sense to literally stay in bed all day. On a bright note, it DID have Supper Club at the end of it, which means the day ended with some alcohol libations, and that CAN’T be a bad thing, now can it?

When we started Supper Club, we decided on a “Wild Card” rule whereby if a member was having just “one of those days,” they were allowed to come, bringing nothing but themselves. No food, no drinks, no nothing. We’ve been together now for nearly two years and I used my Wild Card tonight. Let me tell you, it felt really strange walking in empty handed, but trying to pull something together for tonight just would have put me over the edge; I was already an hour late as it was, running from another appointment.

Tonight’s theme was “something red,” and it showed up in a variety of forms from beets and radishes to strawberries and pinto beans. Everything, as usual, was delicious, and with a real bean-heavy meal, most of it was actually pretty darn healthy too.

For me, the highlights were Julie’s Stuffed Garlic Bread (OMG, I could live on that alone), Christie’s Radish Sandwiches on Zucchini Basil Muffins and Letty’s Strawberry Fusion, the alcohol of the evening, and I can guarantee it will make an appearance on my dinner table Sunday night.

Yet again, Supper Club brought to the forefront one of its most unique features … getting members to taste outside the box and try things they might not normally try on their own. For example, Christie’s Radish Sandwiches. I think I’ve maybe bought radishes twice in my life, and don’t particularly care for them. Had I seen this recipe somewhere myself, I would have passed right over it, but she made them tonight, and I’m glad she did. They’re great little two-bite sandwiches and would make a perfect addition at a tea party … tasting outside my box, just one of the many things I love about Supper Club.

I will put the complete round-up in tomorrow’s post, because two people need to get me their recipes, and with a little too much Strawberry Fusion in me, I won’t be able to remember everything that hit the table.

The rest of the week, we have ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY no plans, and I can’t tell you how good that feels. Technically, tomorrow is, of course, The Husband Cooks Wednesdays, but with me out tonight and last night, he might have to get the “Wild Card!” He also cooked dinner for Nicholas tonight, who I hear gobbled his way through three plates of Picadillo.

Anyways, folks, off to catch up a little on Tivo (and the latest episode of Kitchen Confidential) before calling it a night. Until tomorrow…

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Nic September 28, 2005 at 1:56 pm

Great theme for a supper club. I think I saw those radish sandwiches on someone’s blog a few IMBBs ago (here and here) and I’ve been meaning to try them for ages!


Alice September 28, 2005 at 6:37 pm

Ahh…Nic beat me to it…I was just going to say that I know those radish sandwiches well, as I made them for the 13th edition of IMBB. :) I have made them once more, since then, for a tea party here at work. Once again, they recieved rave reviews and I was asked to share the recipe. Glad you all had a chance to try them out and everything else sounds wonderful, too! I love using color as a theme for making food!


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