Monday Kick-Off

by Cate on October 18, 2005

So far, the week is off to a great start. For one thing, I know my Northeastern US readers can appreciate the great weather we’re having — no rain for 3 days!!

The Neighbor brought the Banana Chocolate Brunch Cake into her office today. I didn’t have any, but the reports came back good. I brought Moist Caramel Apple Cake into my office, and everyone liked it. It definitely IS very moist, and a nice cake for this time of year.

Dinner tonight was Pasta with Poached Egg, Frizzled Ham and Brown Butter, a new recipe that was DELICIOUS. And better still, on the table in 20 minutes, Rachael Ray be darned! ;) I renamed the recipe and the only changes I made were to add more ham and double the amount of eggs. I would definitely make this one again, and hope you try it. The recipe is on the sidebar and in the above link.

Tomorrow night is Supper Club, and the theme is Cooking with Alcohol. My theme dish is a Tiramisu Cake that Nicholas, while sampling the kahlua soaked bits of cake, exclaimed that this was his FAVORITE cake. Gee, I wonder why? I also made Smoked Cheddar Mini Muffins and Shrimp Spread Tea Sandwiches. All three are new recipes. I have since found out that I don’t care for Smoked Cheddar, since I tested one of the muffins already. No matter, I think a sub of Sharp Cheddar would tempt me to make the recipe again. Haven’t tasted the Tiramisu Cake in its put-together form, so will have to report on it tomorrow, but the Shrimp Spread …. WOW. That will be a definite repeater and might make our Feast of Seven Fishes Christmas Eve dinner.

I’m in the middle of reading Ellen DeGeneres’ book, “The Funny Thing Is…” (I love her!) and will leave you with a funny food-related quote that goes nicely with tomorrow’s Supper Club alcohol theme:

Drink lots of water. I can’t function unless I drink a lot of water. My favorite way to drink water is to put it in a tray, make ice cubes, then put some of those cubes into a big ‘ol glass of scotch. Let’s have some now, shall we?

Tune in tomorrow to get the complete report on the rest of the Supper Club offerings. I’ve heard rumors of Bourbon Pork Chops, Stuffed Grape Leaves, and Bourbon Brownies, so it’s sure to be another good eatin’ night.

Until then…

Some catch-up on pictures from last night. Here’s the amazing Stuffed Garlic Bread:

Tonight’s dinner:

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Catesa October 18, 2005 at 3:14 pm

looks delicious! stuffed garlic bread certainly sounds interesting :D


Mona October 18, 2005 at 9:12 pm

That is stuffed garlic bread!? It looks like dessert!


Janice October 19, 2005 at 12:32 am

Hmmm…How do you eat it? Sliced? Just pull it apart? Sounds interesting.


Anonymous October 19, 2005 at 1:31 am

You can’t say WOW about the Sprimp Spread Tea Sandwiches without giving us a recipe.


LisaSD October 19, 2005 at 2:35 am

I love Ellen too!

And just reading about all the stuff you’ve made recently has made me tired! But the thought of the smoked cheddar muffins is giving me my second wind!


it's only fuel October 19, 2005 at 4:57 am

wow…that stuffed garlic bread looks amazing! It looks like something I would have to force myself to stop eating.



Cate October 20, 2005 at 5:36 pm

Catesa – it WAS delicious. You’ve got to try it!

Mona – yup. TRY IT!

Janice – Just sliced. It’s not quite as messy as it looks.

Anonymous – coming today, I promise!

LisaSD – especially watching her dance!

it’s only fuel – definitely dangerous stuff. The Husband who HATES artichokes had 4 pieces. ;)


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