New Blogger on the Block Thursdays #1

by Cate on November 4, 2005

I promised a new regular weekly event, and here it is: New Blogger on the Block Thursdays. Now, “new” doesn’t necessarily mean they’re new, just new to me. The food blogging community is a wonderfully supportive group, and they provide great inspiration, advice, ideas and motivation constantly. Often times, I’m so busy working on my own blog, that I don’t get enough time to surf around to see any new food bloggers that might have popped up, and it’s a community growing by leaps and bounds. So by doing this event regularly, it serves two purposes: 1) It’s a reminder to go check out my fellow food bloggers and 2) It will highlight a fun new one for you guys.

The first fellow food blogger to have the esteemed bestowment of New Blogger on the Block blog is Rookie Cookery. I came across her blog the other day and was drawn in by her gorgeous produce photographs. Talk about food porn. Check it out when you get a chance.

OK, so I made a few confessions the other day, and the confession people seem most surprised about was the amount of cookbooks I have. Geesh, and that doesn’t even take into account all my magazine clippings and magazines in my “to read” pile! :) But today, I read that “US sales of wine and cookery books have declined 13 percent over the past five years to about $333 million, according to data from market research group Ipsos, and account for about 3 percent of all consumer books sold.” See? I haven’t even made a dent! I’m very surprised by that statistic, especially given the advent of all the new chefs from places like FoodTV Network. Well, I’m doing my part, at least. ;) The article was announcing the English version of Italy’s best selling cookbook, Silver Spoon. You can read more about it here, and yes, it’s on my list. :)

No dinner report tonight because I am sink-less and dishwasher-less (contractor still working in the kitchen). The Husband made a request for KFC and that was certainly easy enough.

All for tonight… tune in tomorrow to see what’s on tap for the weekend. Until then…

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Andrea November 4, 2005 at 2:55 am

Wow! I am truly honored to be recognized as the First New (to you) Blogger on the Block! Thank you, you made my day.

I like your concept very much and will be back to see your blogger profiles as well as all the other fine offerings here at Sweetnicks.

Still smiling;
Andrea at Rookie Cookery


Anonymous November 4, 2005 at 12:06 pm

I am one of those who is buying less cookbooks these days (only one new cookbook in the last year, but lots of cooking magazine subscriptions). The reason is the internet. Now when I am searching for something new I check the internet first before I go to a cookbook. I like reading the reviews and having the opinion of other home cooks before I tried something new.


Mona November 4, 2005 at 6:07 pm

Great idea, I always check your sidebar too for new additions/new finds to the blogosphere. You gotta spice things up, right?
Thanks SN!


plum November 11, 2005 at 6:35 am

When I saw your comment about the cookbooks, I thought smugly to myself “It’s probably only a couple of hundred, what is everyone getting worked up about?”. And then I clicked onto your confessions and read THE NUMBER and I swear I felt faint. If I’d been standing up, I would have staggered.

And I don’t feel at all bad about my collection now. But in my heart of hearts I feel I’m trying to emulate Nigella Lawson’s – there’s a shot in one of her tv shows where she’s sitting in her study and is surrounded by cookboks and I thought “I’m going to have as many as that”. I’m a bad, bad girl!


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