Staying In

by Cate on December 2, 2006

Even though the weather has been very unseasonal all week, with temps in the high 60s/low 70s, it was a pretty miserable day today, with hard rain off and on and terrible winds. A perfect night for staying in, so we had a Movies and Munchies Night with The Neighbors.

In loading recipes on my site last night, I had a chance to revisit some old favorites, and made Crabbies, Samosa Quesadillas, and Sesame Chicken Wings. For a new recipe tonight, I went with Ham and Veggie Pizza. The Neighbors brought over drinks, chips and dip and sweet and crunchy peanuts, and we settled in for a night of grazing and movie watching.

The Husband hates when I choose movies, claiming that I have a tendency to pick bad ones. To hedge my bets, I picked four, figuring ONE had to be worthy. We ended up watching Final Destination 3. We had all seen #1, but somehow all managed to miss #2, which we’ll schedule for the next movie night. This is a great gross-out movie, and as it progressed, we found ourselves swearing off doing certain things in the future … roller coasters, visiting tanning salons, and more. A fun Friday night flick. Any movie recommendations for our next movie night? The Neighbors have gamely volunteered to host it at their house next time.

Until tomorrow…

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