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by Cate on December 3, 2006

My sister and brother-in-law babysat Nicholas for the first time tonight. It’s been so long since The Husband and I escaped for a few hours on our own, I had a tough time deciding what to do. I strongly toyed with the idea of going to the movies, since the two of us haven’t seen a movie in a theater since Nicholas was born – over four years ago! I know, pathetic. Problem is, when we’ve had babysitters in the past, we’ve used the time to get a bunch of errands done, and I try to be productive. That’s what we ended up doing tonight too.

We managed to get 5 errands in before stopping for dinner. My first choice for dinner was The Melting Pot, but when we got there at quarter to 8, they said there was a two-and-a-half hour wait. That’s insane. NO dinner is worth a two-and-a-half-hour wait. Crazy. Crazier still was that people were actually waiting! The Husband suggested Lone Star and that was fine by me. I haven’t had one of their sweet potatoes in awhile and was instantly craving it.

You may remember I mentioned awhile back that they brought back the peanuts, which was excellent news, but since then, they’ve added another fun angle to it. When we were seated, the hostess gave us our peanuts in a burlap sack and said we were free to take the sack home with us, and she would fill it up again on the way out. How cool is that? Now I didn’t have to feel guilty going to one of Nicholas’ favorite restaurants without him – I’d come home with presents. Between the peanuts and a salad-to-go for him, he’d forgive me quickly.

Tomorrow – Nicholas and the disco era! But before I leave, several of you e-mailed recently, asking me about the Eli calendar that’s available, so I’ve included a picture. Just $5, includes shipping. Get ’em while they last. Drop me a line ( to place your order. Until tomorrow…

A year ago today… a whole lotta shakin’ going on.

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