Wordless Wednesday – In the Pink

by Cate on October 20, 2010

Walk Sign


Pink Madness

Getting Ready

Memory Walkers

Pink Truck


Breast Cancer Walk 2010

Furling Flag

First Mile Marker

Beginning Arch

Sign 2


Sign 3

Behind the Pack

Second Wind

Almost Done

I somehow missed the sign for Mile Marker 2.  Oops.  Must’ve been about the time we were searching for a portable toilet.

Notes from this walk, particularly one that I braved with the kids:

  • Just because the route map SHOWS portable toilets along the way, that doesn’t mean there is more than one at each location.  Because there wasn’t.  Wanna guess on what those lines looked like?  Not pretty.  With the thousands of people that attended, eight or so toilets along the route is just.not.enough.
  • Madeline, without any prompting from me or her brother, is apparently not a fan of the portable toilet experience.  Not that I can blame her, of course, but you make do with what you have.  She didn’t like we couldn’t flush anything.  Nor that we could see everything.  And that there was no sink.
  • After the MS Walk I did back in April, I learned that there is no need to arrive when registration opens.  This time, we arrived about fifteen minutes before the walk began and had plenty of time to register and get a starting spot.
  • The American Cancer Society apparently had a store on the premises where you could buy (pink, natch) items to support the cause.  We gave up searching for it after about 15 minutes.  How hard should it be?
  • The whining started roughly about mile 3.25, and I was proud of the kids for hanging on that long.  Nick also asked why we couldn’t just cut over to the other side and walk back (it’s in a loop).  Seems like a fair enough question.
  • Parking was awesome for this walk at the Mack-Cali corporate area.  Love that.

Project 365
October 20, 2010, Photo #184 and 185

In the Pink


The girls’ softball team in town donned pink ribbons in honor of breast cancer awareness this weekend.

Last two photos courtesy of K. McGowen.

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Joanne October 21, 2010 at 6:18 am

I am seriously impressed that the kids made it as far as they did. Good for them!

This is such a great cause Cate! Although you’re right. There should DEFINITELY be more toilets.


Ramona October 21, 2010 at 10:40 am

Some of that sounds tough for the littles.


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