Christmas Eve 2010

by Cate on December 26, 2010

Some 300 pictures were taken from Christmas Eve morning through today, and that doesn’t include all the ones I deleted to make space – phew! A very busy few days, family, friends, food and fun. What more could you want? As much as I adore the holidays, I also love putting everything back together and resuming normalcy once it’s done. I have off from my “regular” job this week, so the kids and I are going to be enjoying Winter Break together, spotted with a trip down the shore, and a few shorter jaunts with friends in between. And with New Jersey midway through the first (and hopefully last) blizzard of 2010, it seems like the perfect week to take off.

I’m going to break up some of the pictures from the holidays … a perfect way to ease into a semi-relaxing week ahead. Hope your holidays were just as wonderful as ours!

My day started at 7:30 am Friday morning, as Nick crept to the laptop by the side of my bed, trying to turn it on quietly. Logging right onto Norad’s website, he tracked Santa’s movements ALL DAY LONG. I was more than a little tickled to find out that Santa was just leaving New York as I was putting the presents under the tree that night. Couldn’t have planned it better.
Christmas Eve Chillin'As I was feverishly trying to finish everything for our Christmas Eve dinner, the kids watched a Christmas movie. ‘Tis good to be a kid.

Holiday TreatI found a coupon that took $5 off this Hallmark ornament. All the Hallmark stores were long since sold out of the cupcake tin ornament though, so if anyone happens to see it for sale anywhere, please let me know.

Nick Stuffing Madeline's StockingRight before Christmas, my Mom takes Nick out to buy a few presents for me and his sister. He loves that, just as much as he loved filled Madeline’s stocking after she went to bed Friday night. Such a good big brother.

Bedazzled Fence

Beheaded SantaA beheaded Santa *and* I had to use the flash. Bummer. Every year on Christmas Eve, the fire truck goes through the neighborhood, stopping for Santa to give the kids candy-filled stockings. Last year, Madeline slept through the blaring horns and sirens. This year, she was wide awake. Candy is that child’s middle name, after all.

Foie Gras

Christmas Eve Cheer

Gingerbread VillageI put together a few gingerbread houses for the kids to decorate on Christmas Eve. I used hot glue to assemble them, making them more three-year-old-proof. They even survived when Sadie accidentally dropped hers on the floor.

Building Gingerbread Houses

Christmas Eve Activity

Nick's Masterpiece

Sophie's Masterpiece

Madeline's Masterpiece

Sadie's MasterpieceSadie did have chocolate chips decorating the roof of her gingerbread house, but she kept eating them.

Christmas Eve PJsChristmas Eve pajamas.

Madeline's OrnamentI love kid-made treasures. This one is from Madeline and is made with a tracing of her hand.

The Children Were Nestled All Snug in their BedDreaming of Santa. I had to do double-duty that night as the Tooth Fairy also visited us. She was actually two days late. Apparently, as Santa told Nick Friday afternoon, she had to help Santa because he was a little behind with his work. Rumor has it that she will be coming back tomorrow too. Those teeth just keep popping right on out!

Project 365
December 24, 2010, Photo #319

Love from WendysGotta love a heart-shaped chicken nugget.  I would much rather the kids were eating homemade chicken fingers, but in the interest of keeping the troops quiet on Friday so I could clean the house, wrap everything and make Christmas Eve dinner, sometimes I give in.

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claire December 27, 2010 at 12:12 am

Ooooo…I have that cupcake tin ornament. My mom surprised me! I may go shopping Tues or Wed and if I see one I’ll let you know!


Joanne December 27, 2010 at 8:02 am

I love that you let the kids decorate gingerbread houses! A Christmas Eve to remember for sure. Looks like you had a wonderful prelude to the big day!


Kris #40 December 27, 2010 at 2:19 pm

Love your photos! Can’t wait to see some more. Looks like a fun Christmas Eve!

We missed Santa on the fire truck (first time in 17 years of living here) because we went to NYC (spur of the moment trip) to see “The Tree”.


FireMom December 27, 2010 at 2:23 pm

Darling, please don’t forget The Awesome that is eBay. Your ornament is there, and that’s just one. I stopped counting at ten.

eBay is where I collect all of the firefighter ornaments we didn’t get in years’ past!

I also love your gingerbread house idea. Stealing for next year!!

Merry Christmas! (Late!)


Ramona December 28, 2010 at 1:01 pm

LOL…Sadie looks mad at her gingerbread house.


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