Seattle, I Love You

by Cate on May 13, 2011

Earlier this week, Sarah and I embarked on a whilrwind adventure, touching down on the West Coast for a fun and informative event. There will be much more details and photos from the event over the course of the next few months. But Seattle? Seattle, you had me at hello. And what a hello it was.


For both of us, this was our first time visiting Seattle. Because of this, we ended up taking the red-eye back (and going straight to work an hour after landing!) just so we could build in 7 hours of sightseeing before we left.  Perfect decision.



Enchanting. Simply enchanting. To the point where a job offer and a persuasive conversation with my Ex could convince me to pack up the kids and drive cross-country in an effort to call Seattle our new home.

From the very first person in Seattle we encountered (our driver when we landed) to the very last person we encountered (the Continental ticket agent on our flight back late Tuesday night), we met nothing but friendliness, openness and a willingness to share. Each person more engaging than the next. A city that is much like New York. Only without the grime, the bustle and the rude. There were breathtaking bits of magic around nearly every corner, and I have a little notebook filled to the brim with little highlights from our trip there, ready to share big things and little things with you in due time.  So many laugh out loud moments. Moments of joy. Moments of people that could not be more passionate about the topics they were talking about.  Moments of bliss.  Lots of them.


Seattle, it was hard to leave you, but you have a piece of our hearts. We’ll be back.

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Joanne May 13, 2011 at 6:21 am

You know, I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle, and after your description, I might just have to get on a plane and get over there immediately. San Francisco feels that way for me. If only I weren’t SUCH an east coast girl. I’m so glad to hear you had a fun trip and can’t wait to hear all about what brought you there!


Sarah Caron May 13, 2011 at 8:34 am

What a beautiful post. I can’t stop talking about our trip, and how amazing that city was. Great photos too.


iscribbler May 13, 2011 at 1:54 pm

I simply can’t wait to hear! We’ve always wanted to visit Seattle and I have a good friend out there that I haven’t seen in years. :) Going to love the pics and the suggestions! Glad you had such a great trip.


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