Ten Things I Learned about Sarah Caron

by Cate on June 7, 2011

Sarah - New Profile Pic
Sarah and I first got to know each other as writers on the same (now defunct) food website.  Through working together, our friendship grew.  We have actually worked (and still work) for quite a few of the same clients, so from a professional standpoint, it’s been awesome to have someone to bounce ideas off of, and do creative brainstorming with, especially since we both keep super late hours.  But beyond the professional connection, a friendship was born.  We both have young kids, so eventually, it was only naturally that we get together.  Sarah and her family stayed with us for a weekend nearly two years ago, and we met halfway for a picnic playdate at Bear Mountain last year.  I talk to Sarah as much as I talk to my “real life” friends, if not more.  If fact, we were working online together when The Ex announced he wanted out of our marriage.  She was the first to know, and in a weird sort of way, and was right there when it happened.

We have attended several events together, but the Seattle trip last month was our first professional trip together.  We had a serious blast.

First Stop - Cupcakes
1. Sarah appreciates the need for a good cupcake stop. We had barely gotten through the security checkpoint before we made a beeline for Crumbs cupcakes. Unfortunately the cupcake didn’t fare so well, as we accidentally stepped on it, um, three times. It was still pretty tasty. Even if it cost four dollars. I know!

Crushed Cupcake

Saggy Ass
2. Sarah does not embarrass that easily. Which is really good because I tend to get myself and others in situations that might be embarrassing. I’d like to think that’s part of my charm. In fact, I’m sure of it. When we were waiting to board our flight, I took a picture of the ticket area because I wanted something that announced where we were going. As we were sitting on the plane, waiting for take-off, I was flipping through some of the pictures that I had taken so far.  I came across this one.  “Man, look at his saggy ass,” I said to Sarah.  While I had my iPod on.  The look she shot me was hovering between horror and hysterics.  Because I said it really loudly.  I’m sure five rows back probably heard me.  Luckily she settled on hysterics.  Which is pretty much how the whole trip went.

Reading Material
3. Sarah appreciates a good read. This was my stack that I brought with me. Hers was about a quarter-inch thick since her reading material came via her Kindle.

Buffet at 30 Thousand Feet
4. Sarah is not a food snob. This was our dinner. Oh wait, this was my side. Hers was much healthier. Well, kind of. As healthy as you can be with airplane food. We decided to go with munchies instead of, you know, a real meal. All the more fun while traveling.

First Glimpse
5. This was Sarah’s first time to Seattle too. I love that we got to experience it together.

6. Sarah’s a pretty good sport. Because I made her lean over the passenger sitting next to her to take that “first glimpse of Seattle” picture above.

Hard at Work
7. Sarah’s a giver. I had borrowed a friend’s Netbook so I could do a mountain of editing work that was due our first night in Seattle. That would have worked out great had I not forgotten my friend’s “very easy” password. Sarah gave up working that night so I could meet my deadlines.

One of Many Stops
8. Sarah gets the whole photo thing. Though, in all honesty, I probably knew this about her before we went to Seattle. My camera goes everywhere with me. I take pictures of everything. It can be a little annoying, but I don’t care. Sarah is totally right there with me. Love that.

9. Sarah is down for anything when it comes to food, and I adore that. We tried out so many random places during our time there. This guy, Trenton, was super cool and took care of us on a spur-of-the-moment oyster stop we made (review coming soon).*Photo credit for that one is for Sarah.

10.  We are more simpatico than I ever knew.  There were quite a few times during the trip that we were separated by people, space, whatever and we would catch up for a few minutes and share notes.  It’s funny to see our take-aways on different things, and that they were totally on the same page most of the time.  Made for awesome gossip!

Sarah took this one of me at our “goodbye lunch” the day we left the Starbucks crew and Seattle. I was waving. She thought it was funny because it looks like I’m telling her that I’m five years old. I might act it sometimes (perhaps it’s the sense of humor), I swear I’m much older. Really.

Luckily Sarah seems to have enjoyed the trip to Seattle as much as I did, because we’re doing a road trip next month together. I convinced Joanne to go with us. I hope she’s ready.

June 7, 2011 – Bonus Photos
Negotiations Begin
When we take Eli out with us, Nick has to do some serious negotiating. Eli gets in first and if Nick doesn’t sit down right away, Eli lies down and takes up two seats.

I always tell him to get in real fast a sit down before Eli lies down. Sometimes it works.

Kicked Out
For about a minute. And then Nick gets shoved to the way back.

After School Treat
Cherry red was probably not the right flavor to choose for her beige-colored shirt. Thank God for Tide stain sticks.

Spoiled Rotten
The owner of Rita’s saw Eli and brought over a cup of cold water and a Pina Colada Italian ice for him. That dog is spoiled rotten.

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Sarah Caron June 7, 2011 at 10:13 pm

Awwwwwww, that was so sweet. I had such an awesome time traveling with you! You are so easy to be around (a total good thing), and you had me laughing the whole time. Totally blushing now.


claire June 7, 2011 at 10:25 pm

Sounds like y’all had a GREAT trip!! And have a great one coming up!


Joanne June 8, 2011 at 5:22 am

I am SO excited for the road trip! Even more now after this post!

I heard sarah speak at blogher last year (and was far too shy to introduce myself) so I’m pretty sure I have a good idea of how awesome she is. And YOU. Well, I’ve been reading this blog for three years and have never looked back!


Patsy June 8, 2011 at 8:18 am

Sounds like a great trip – even moreso because you two were such good friends already!


Ramona June 8, 2011 at 10:17 am

Let him be spoiled! He’s a great dog.


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