Crafts: Scrabble Tiles + Magnets = Alphabet Magnets

by Cate on August 30, 2011

Refrigerator Magnets
Remember that game in school where the teacher would give you a big word and you had to see how many other words you could make out of it? That was always one of my favorite games in between tests and lessons, and I was really good at it. Still am. Not that I get a chance to practice that very often, mind you. We had a contest in 8th grade to see how many words we could make out of the word Washington. I won. The prize was a Snickers bar. The only reason I remember this is because I forgot my lunch that day, and without Washington and that Snickers bar, it would have been a very long day.

For as long as I can remember, we’ve always had alphabet letters on our fridge. When Nick was much younger, we had those Leap Frog sets where it will say the letter and sound it out and give example words, and then you could use the letters on the refrigerator to spell out words. Love Leap Frog!  The Ex and I would make words and leave messages for each other. Now, you know, since we’re divorced, we kinda don’t do stuff like that. But I still do it all the time with the kids. And now Mystic.

The Leap Frog set long gone, we now have this weird collection of random wooden letter magnets that I got from a garage sale a few years ago. It wasn’t a full set at the time and with two moves since then, it has become even less full. So the challenge is even more fun. How many words can you make out of some crazy assortment of mismatched letters and not enough vowels? Mystic holds the record with six words.

I was itching to buy a new set of letters so we could all play along and spell out way more than Siam, and then I thought I would make some. In fact, I bought a package of wooden discs and some transfer letters and was just about to get started on it this weekend, but then inspiration struck. Scrabble tiles!

Scrabble Tiles
That idea came to me on Tuesday. On Friday, Nick and I happened to pass by a lone pre-hurricane garage sale and took a quick peek. The guy had largely a bunch of trash sitting in his driveway that was overpriced. He really should have been paying people to take it away, instead of charging, but then I spied a Scrabble game. That I got for a buck. I love when life just falls into place like that. If only it happened more often.

So Friday afternoon, I parked Nick on the couch with the Scrabble box and a roll of magnetic tape. One hour later, I had my magnets. It would have taken about fifteen minutes, but he was busy with his iTouch. I had bought the magnetic tape earlier for another as-yet-unfinished project. For a whopping .64 cents. As an aside, it was .64 cents at A.C. Moore. Michael’s wanted $3.99 for the exact same thing. It pays to know your prices.

Nick Hard at Work

Behold my $1.64 investment.

New Life for Scrabble Tiles
Love, love, love them.

Still on the hunt for one more set, because after Nick spelled out his name, Maddie’s, Mystic and his three kids, there were not enough letters to spell out the word Mom. You can see where his priorities lie. Always last on the list. Another set, for more word play, would be perfect. I saved the board and the tile holders and added it to our own original set.

Have a Scrabble board lying around that you don’t use anymore? Breathe some new life into it by making alphabet tiles. Whether you have kids in your house or not, fun is just around the corner. Alright, that sounded a little cheesy, but you get the idea.

August 30, 2011 – Bonus Photo
New Kate Spade Key Chain
I heart Kate Spade. Particularly the polka-dotted happiness she puts inside her tote bags, wallets and purses. What I don’t heart is the price tag attached to said happy things. Way too rich for my blood. But every time my friend Beth and I hit the outlets, she goes in and I tag along. Imagine my surprise when last visit, I actually walked out with something. This key chain was originally $50.00, and after a markdown and a sale, it was mine for $6. I have been on the lookout for two key chains. My keys are just on a key ring, and I was due for a grown-up key chain. This beauty had my name written all over it. Hello perfect timing, my name is Cate.

PS – Miss entering the Luna protein bars giveaway?  Three more days to go until five lucky winners are chosen…

PPS – A great big shout-out to the BlogHer team for featuring one of my photo posts as part of their Month of Photo Tips.  Go check it out right here and show some love.  Retweeting totally appreciated.

PPSS – I am going through ALL my cookbook shelves and judiciously whittling down my collection.  I have a massive amount I’m selling.  Want the list for a look-see?  Drop me a line at cate AT sweetnicks DOT com.

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patsy August 30, 2011 at 9:54 pm

Fabulous idea! Love this… looks like you need more scrabble tiles!


Joanne August 31, 2011 at 6:20 am

My roommate would be all over this idea. But she wants to leave us notes telling us to do various household chores…and so I’m going to have to refuse to give in. When i have kids, though…that’s another story :P

I would love to see that list…but my burgeoning bookshelves are begging me not to!


thecoffeesnob August 31, 2011 at 8:28 am

That really is such a clever way to breathe new life into pre-loved Scrabble tiles!

And that camera keychain? A completely gorgeous steal- I’m jealous!


Ramona August 31, 2011 at 1:21 pm

okay, now I need a scrabble board for my mosaics


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