Happy Birthday to the American Cancer Society

by Cate on December 14, 2011

This time of year can be especially hard if you’ve lost a loved one.  But then again, if you’ve experienced a heavy, deep loss, the whole year is hard irregardless of a holiday celebration or two.  My grandfather on my mom’s side died from lung cancer, and unfortunately it took him at a young age, before my sister or I ever got to meet him.  He died when my mom was pregnant with me.  I know very little about him, and so wish that that wasn’t the case.    From the little stories we’ve heard, he sounded like he was a wonderful man.

My friend Chris lost his sister-in-law way too early, and I know that’s a loss that he and his family will never get over.

Although breast cancer has not affected our lives, the kids and I do a walk every year to support its research.  Three years and counting.  Beyond just the simple act of walking three miles with my family, it’s a way of showing support, and teaching the kids how we can help, and how lucky we are.  All of us.

We all know someone who has been affected.

Every day, research puts the world closer and closer to a cure.  Or advancements that make a prognosis ever so slightly less painful.  Or just give us hope.

The American Cancer Society is celebrating twenty five years.  Here’s to more birthdays for all.

*This post was sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

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