Celebrating Chinese New Year 2012

by Cate on January 23, 2012

Many years ago, we were celebrating our new office location at work, and one of the employees’ wives brought a Chinese statue for good luck.  And that is where it all began.  Or at least as best as my memory serves me.  My mom started celebrating the Chinese New Year very soon after, and I followed suit (with the kids) five years ago.  I think it’s good to celebrate other cultures and traditions with the kids, and expose them to new things, and celebrating Chinese New Year is something that they look forward to every year.  Besides, any holiday that is steeped in celebrating good fortune, wealth, and prosperity is definitely something I can wholeheartedly support.

Celebrations began at my office lunch today.  Noodles for longevity.  Egg rolls for wealth.  Check and check.
Office door

This year is the Year of the Dragon. This was the centerpiece on the lunch table at work, which I borrowed for our own evening celebration tonight.

2012 Decorations

Beef with Broccoli

Beef Lo Mein
The tradition goes, the longer the noodle, the longer the life.

Egg Rolls

Chinese candy

Very appropriate words for one of my co-workers and I.

My fortune
This was my fortune at work. Which everyone had a good laugh over, and I was totally not happy about. But it turns out, I am way less tender at work, and I decided that that’s a good thing. Aggressive in the office, tender at home. I felt much better after the rationalization.

Office board
I did not get the artistic gene in the family. Crafts? Yes. Words? Yes. Drawing? That went to my mom, sister, and grandmother. I did my best.

At Madeline's School
This above drawing was in one of the classrooms at Madeline’s school. And I loved that they celebrated the Chinese New Year too. One of the moms went in and did a craft with all the kids, and gave them a goody bag. Love that.

Craft time

Dragon mobiles

Evening fortune
That was my fortune at home tonight. Which I liked much better.

Dinner for 10 and Nick was in charge of table decorations.  He did an awesome job.
Table setting

Evening centerpiece

We use newspapers from the Chinese grocery store (free!) to line the table, and scatter gold coins over the top (coins that we reuse several times a year for other holidays too, like Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day).

Cup 'o candy

Almond cookies

Red straws
The color red is an important color in Chinese culture, so it was the perfect opportunity to break out my swirly red straws. I know Sarah is very proud.

OMG Crispy Crab Rangoons
I ordered some food, and I made some food, like these OMG Crispy Crab Rangoons. Rangoons that guests declared better than those you can get at the restaurant. Praise I will certainly take.


If you missed out on celebrating the Chinese New Year, not to worry; the celebrations go on for 14 more days.

Previous years’ celebrations:



Still searching for 2010 and 2011.

Tomorrow? A fun, five minute kid recipe.

Oh, and before I forget… that pasta picture in yesterday’s post that some of you asked about. It was these meatballs (but with turkey), and this pasta recipe (but with rotini instead of orzo, and beef broth instead of chicken). Mystic’s daughter is addicted to the meatballs, and requested them this weekend. Super healthy and crazy delicious, I’m only too happy to oblige.  And the dish?  An old TJ Maxx find years ago.  Love the all white dishware.

January 23, 2012 – Bonus Photo
Ready for the Weather
Ready for the weather, come what may.

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Joanne January 24, 2012 at 7:23 am

CNY is such a fun holiday to celebrate! One of the girls in lab is Chinese and she actually took the day OFF yesterday. Which was kinda sad because that meant we didn’t really celebrate. I should have had longevity noodles…but I had mac and cheese instead.


Sarah January 24, 2012 at 9:23 pm

Glad to see you broke into your 1000+ straws for the celebration :) I think I might have to serve some longevity noodles on Friday for dinner. Mmmm. And egg rolls.


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