Weekend Photos in Review

by Cate on March 25, 2012

these sneaks were made for walking...
This weekend had a lot of recurring themes … caffeine, friendships, and sneakers. Though not necessarily in that order. With this being the last week of March (and the last week for me to meet my March goals), I’m feeling the pressure, so I kicked off the weekend with four and a half miles with one of my Zumba teachers. Awesome start to the weekend.

I bothered the bejeebus out of Maxwell by taking some thirty close-up shots of him. This one is by far my favorite, since I think it depicts his goofball personality most completely.

twelve dollar girl time
Twelve dollar girl time is my kind of rejuvenation.

weirdest ice ever
Grabbed a quick bite to eat at a place that had the weirdest ice ever (full review coming soon), as evidenced by the finger-hole in each ice cube.

weirdest socks ever
I am all for subtly embracing the 80s-comeback trend of neon, but these socks? Just say no. Please.

j. crew
J. Crew has even gotten in on the neon craze, with quiet pops of color here and there. These bracelets were cute, but stayed at the store.

iced coffee
I’m quite certain that the very cute boy standing in front of us at Starbucks was not so amused by our 15 minute conversation on our favorite Starbucks’ items by season, and how to order things so you get the biggest bang for your buck. The new trick? Order a venti coffee in a trenta cup. You get more coffee for less bucks. And since I’m working on coughcough week six of no Diet Coke, more coffee for less money is always a good thing.

double date movie night
Double date night gave Mystic and I the opportunity to introduce another set of friends to our favorite dine-in movie theater. And they got to introduce us to the craze that is Hunger Games. I don’t know how old Lenny Kravitz is, but he was looking mighty fine in this flick. And I’m sorry if that shouldn’t have been my biggest take-away from the movie. (Enjoyed the movie just fine -and well done, Woody Harrelson-, but so many unanswered questions…)

spring blossoms
Cherry blossoms are my favorite, but any Spring bloom will do.

sunday fuel
Sunday am fuel with Mystic. Medium black iced with two splenda. Medium caramel iced (with forgotten caramel) with cream.

sunday am hike
I have my eye on new sneakers before next month’s 5K, but in the meantime, I’m settling for new shoelaces. Love these. And despite Mystic’s jokes, they make me happy. We set off (and accomplished) a two mile hike this afternoon. My shins may not forgive me tomorrow after what I put them through this weekend, but feeling great regardless.

sunday dinner
Dinner from the freezer tonight.

new dining room wall art
Since we moved back into this house, I had a framed Georgia O’Keefe print in our dining room (that used to hang in mine and The Ex’s master bedroom). It’s been time for a change for awhile now, and this weekend afforded a few extra minutes to get some things hung up.

spring has sprung
This one’s for you, Sarah.

Alright folks, all for tonight. On tap for this week, at least one restaurant review, a book review, I think a museum review, and at least one recipe. After that, whichever way the wind blows. Hope your weekend was just as awesome.

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Sarah Caron March 25, 2012 at 11:55 pm

Before I even saw the note, your spring bunting had me smiling. Love! Glad you had a nice weekend.


Joanne March 26, 2012 at 6:28 am

YES for a super active weekend! That’s what I like to hear. Just make sure you get new sneakers long enough before the 5K to break em in otherwise you might have some serious blisters on race day!

I did NOT drink enough caffeine this weekend. That is what I’m now convinced of.


Ramona March 26, 2012 at 2:54 pm

I think he’s a sweet goofball.

Our ice maker makes that kind. It’s a stand alone model.


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