Grilled Cheese, Tomato Soup, and Ginger Ale = Comforts of Home {Seagram’s}

by Cate on July 3, 2012

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More than four months ago, I made a hard decision to break my long standing addiction to diet cola. I knew it wasn’t the best thing for me, and the headaches I got when I didn’t drink it were enough to push me toward quitting that habit. Seriously, I think it was one of the hardest things I have ever done.

Which could make you think my life is really idyllic (and it’s not), or that it was really hard (which it was).
The last time I tried this, I lasted 10 days. It wasn’t easy, but despite two slips, I’ve done it. There was a lot of agony in the process, but in the end I feel healthier and happier.

However, leaving behind my dear friend diet cola has left me missing the bubbly goodness of a carbonated drink. Whereas the caffeine was the hardest part to give up, it no longer has that same hold on me (a very good thing … no one likes those ugly withdrawal headaches).

What to do?

Walking down the beverage aisle in the local grocery store, I started looking at all the different bottles. I flirted with an orange drink I first had when, as a child younger than Nick, we lived in Italy. But it’s expensive, and as a single mom value is king.

Then my eyes fell on ginger ale. Ginger Ale (and especially Seagram’s Ginger Ale because their caps have Coke Rewards codes on them that you can collect and redeem) is comfort to me. Grilled cheese, tomato soup, and ginger ale: the stuff that fond memories of mom and home are made of. The thing that brings me right back to childhood.

And for Nick, it’s something special too. When he’s sick or sometimes on a special occasion (or when he’s nagged me to death!), I will pour him a glass as a treat. Since it’s caffeine free, I don’t have to worry about sharing with him. It’s a flavor that bridges my childhood and his in a way that is special to us. Maybe sometime when Nick’s older, he’ll take a sip of ginger ale and be transported back to our happy home and his days playing soccer and enjoying life.

Plus it satisfies that need for bubbles without caffeine for me, too. I’m so happy to have rekindled my love affair with ginger ale and its bubbly, effervescent flavor.

If ginger ale means mom, comfort, or healing what ails you too, the folks at Seagram’s have a new “Good to Be You” app on Facebook you might want to check out. Now that summer is here, you can marry their new app with all your favorite family photos and “stamp” your friends’ photos with the GTBU photo stamp (details here). Whether you can celebrate with your friends in person or not, you can use Seagram’s Good to Be You app to give them a virtual high five on their photos! I can think of all sorts of fun pictures that this would be perfect on. Have at it. And in the meantime, cheers!

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paula June 21, 2012 at 8:42 am

I have to stop reading your blog, you’re freaking me out. Dan got sick Sunday at his Dad’s so I had to go out and get ginger ale for him (and saltines, and Gatorade). On Monday, when his Dad brought him back over to my house, the ginger ale, saltines and Gatorade came back with him. The boys went back to their dad yesterday and last night Nick felt sick. Back over to dad’s went the ginger ale, saltines and Gatorade!


Ramona June 21, 2012 at 9:44 am

I keep GA at the house. I like to drink it at night sometimes when I’m craving something.


Betsy June 21, 2012 at 12:56 pm

I now will basically only allow myself to have soda when I have slice a pizza — which isn’t too often. And, I won’t allow myself to bring soda in the house I just don’t want to have all that sugar substittes, or all the sugar if I don’t go the diet route (haven’t had that in years).

Good going on kicking the habit. Were you kicking the habit because of the caffeine? If you were, couldn’t you just go the caffeine free route. If you want to avoid the artificial sweeteners and/or sugar…. then bye bye Coke, Pepsi etc.

I also had ginger ale as a kid, when stomach ache etc., but don’t have it sinnce I don’t see it as any different than coke. If I go the diet route, both have artificial sweeteners.

If you miss the bubbles, have you tried seltzer (I love it since no sugar, artificial stuff etc). I like it with a twist of lemon or lime — and I know many add a bit of juice etc to make it more flavored.

Have a great summer!


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