Weekend Photos in Review

by Cate on September 23, 2012

WPIR - soccer feets-001

WPIR - omg fries

WPIR - orange mouth

WPIR - my favorite

WPIR - moody skies

WPIR - Martha!

WPIR - Madeline's Achille's heel
I try not to bring the kids into this store when I go, if at all possible. Mostly because Madeline has been known to open these little foil wrappers and stuff them in her mouth before I can pay for them or figure out how many she ate. In her defense, that was over a year ago, but in my defense, the store is crammed floor to rafters with stuff and it’s a mother’s nightmare to walk in there with kids.

WPIR - Halloween overload

WPIR - glitter goodness

WPIR - Friday sunset

WPIR - down to the last drop
When Madeline was born, she seemed to have a sensitivity to the perfume I had worn for oh, the past 15 years (Calvin Klein Escape), so I switched back to using this full-time. Love it and it’s inexpensive. And now empty.

WPIR - dinner

WPIR - currently clean
For now, it is clean once again. Give her a day.

WPIR - Baby Eloise
My youngest niece, Eloise, 3-1/2 months.

WPIR - after game replenishment

WPIR - taste the rainbow

WPIR - sunny skies in the rear

WPIR - princess sophie

WPIR - sunday sun

Tomorrow? A recipe for the most deliciously satisfying OMG homemade pizza I’ve had in a long time.
Tuesday? We switch gears and go a little deep.
Wednesday? More Bento box lunch inspiration.
Thursday? Review of a new-to-me burger joint.
Friday? Off
Saturday? Off (Busy weekend with soccer games, vendor shows and …
Sunday? A Barbie Tea Party!

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Ramona September 24, 2012 at 1:41 pm

okay, I can see the problem with the candy store…I think I might have a problem in there too.


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