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by Cate on October 25, 2012

Fitness appsThe other night, Madeline fell asleep before dinner. And slept right through to the next morning. Pre-school is tough, people! I had already distributed everyone’s vitamins, so to save time and avoid having to put them all back in the bottles, I stuck them into her lunch box. I forgot to mention it to her the next morning.

When she got into my car after school pick-up, she mentioned the vitamins right away. She said she tried to tell her teacher that they were vitamins, but her teacher didn’t think so.

“Mom, she said there were too many and it must be candy,” Madeline said. “But I told her no, they were vitamins. Because I knew.”

Smart child. And yes, there are a few. Vitamin C, multi vitamin, fiber, calcium, flouride. We actually take a bit less than we used to, but still certainly more than one.

And especially with the kids back in school and Winter looming. Anything to keep extra germs at bay. It’s all a part of our regular effort to keep and stay healthy. Whether it be eating right, sports activities, making sure to rest, or downing vitamins, it’s a multi-pronged attack for a healthy body, isn’t it? At least that’s my plan.

And sometimes we need a little more motivation to keep us going. At least I do. I follow a bunch of inspiring people on Twitter, because their feeds are often peppered with work-out advice, healthy food ideas I might not have otherwise thought of, transformation pictures, and inspirational quotes. Because I sure do love a motivational quote.  Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, Bob Greene, and the Chicago Fit Freak are all excellent examples of people to follow.

And apps? There are a ton of great apps to use if you’re concentrating on being healthy, tracking fitness levels, and more. And really good free ones, which the majority of mine are. I use one to track steps walked/run (particularly if I’m running on a new trail), Fitness Pal to keep track of activity (though I am admittedly sometimes lax there), and a food resource to look up calories, fat, or the like in something new that I’m eating.

We can never say we don’t have access to all the information we need, that’s for sure.

There is a new mobile app (free!) that you might be interested in checking out, WannaBeWell. Brought to you by the folks at Life Supplemented, it focuses on three pillars: a healthy diet, exercise, and vitamins/supplements. You can get your very own “wellness coach,” who will deliver daily motivational and educational messages to you, and for those of us that need subtle little reminders, this is just about perfect. And, you know, for free, it’s a lot cheaper than having Bob or Jillian on call. There is also a pretty exhaustive Supplement Resource Center where you can research which vitamins and supplements are good for what, and figure out the best way to take care of YOUR body.

Tomorrow? We talk Kleenex. And sports. And families. Saturday, methinks we tackle the Liberty Bell post. I am a bit backlogged on fun things to share, and have some additional sponsored post deadlines to get through, so you might be getting a little extra Cate over the next few days.

Until then… xo

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This post is part of my participation in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Life… supplemented. I was compensated and a $25 donation was made on my behalf to Vitamin Angels.

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Joanne October 26, 2012 at 6:56 am

That girl is one smart cookie! The only vitamin I take is extra calcium…other than that I cross my fingers that I’m getting it from whatever I’m eating.
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