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by Cate on November 25, 2012

Could we seriously be done with a four-day weekend already? It was such a jam-packed four days, Friday seems like so very long ago. Let’s see … a town Holiday Open House with friends, a new Irish restaurant, a new burger restaurant, a social media dinner with some of my favorite bloggers and Shutterfly, craft projects, a little Black Friday shopping, tons of house cleaning, raking, cooking, and … and … I’m beat. Here’s some proof.

WPIR - store window

WPIR -026
We met friends on Friday to try out a new-to-us burger place. This was my super-delicious bleu cheese burger. Review coming soon.

WPIR - with joanne-001
The kids were beyond excited to have a visit with Joanne this weekend, and asked me a million times if it was time to go pick her up at the train station. They totally adore her. As we were waiting in the car for Joanne’s train to come to take her back home at the end of the night, Madeline stuck her head out of the sun roof. With her little body sandwiched between me and Joanne, she turned to Joanne and asked her, “Is my butt crack showing?”

In all seriousness. She.is.too.much.

WPIR - toast-001
She is on a crazy toast kick. Every time I turn around, she’s requesting (and eating) toast.

WPIR - texting her boyfriend-001
If she wants to make me laugh, she asks for my phone so she can text her boyfriend.

WPIR - seven little bodies-001
Seven little bodies engrossed in their ice cream and whatever was on tv.

WPIR - restaurant decor-001
This was inside a restaurant we went to on Friday. Gorgeous decor, and right up my Mom’s alley.

WPIR - Pier 1 tree-001
This one was inside Pier 1.

WPIR - my super savers-001
We go to the kids’ bank regularly for them to deposit money into their savings accounts. I love seeing how excited they get when they hear their new totals. They are really good super savers. Something I never was. They don’t get an allowance. They have a set list of chores they do as members of the family, and then there are extra chores and tasks they can do to earn money. They always choose to put that money (and other money they get from various ways/people/occasions) into the bank. Love that.

WPIR - it's beginning to look a lot like christmas-001
Nick is always chomping at the bit to decorate for Christmas. While I love having everything decorated, I hate the process. I know, it’s terrible. Luckily it’s his jam, and this mantle was all his doing. I’m not even sure where he found half the stuff there, but it’s looks all sorts of awesome.

WPIR - irish sampler-001

WPIR - gum for all-001
The hand on the left swears that she will never, ever swallow gum if I let her chew it. The hand on the right is just stoked that he can finally have gum again, after going without while his palate expander was in for four months. I, for one, think these flavors are gross, but they are all over it. In moderation, of course.

WPIR - friday sunset-001

WPIR - friday sun-001

WPIR - enough said-001

WPIR - double trouble-001

WPIR - craft time-001

WPIR - bourbon bread pudding-001

WPIR - another store window-001

Tomorrow? Another Shutterfly giveaway (just in time for the holidays!) and details on our Apres Thanksgiving Bloggers Dinner.
Tuesday? A new recipe for Turkey Chili (and Weight Watchers-friendly!)

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Joanne November 26, 2012 at 7:25 am

Well you know I ADORE your kids…LOVE that picture of me and Maddie!! It was such a fun post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving!! Thanks for hosting love!
Joanne recently posted..Recipe: Sweet Corn Pancakes with Blueberry Balsamic Sauce


patsy November 26, 2012 at 10:40 am

I enjoyed seeing you lovely ladies and letting the kids have fun playing together! Thanks, for being a fabulous hostess!
patsy recently posted..Thanksgiving 2012 {Fried Turkey}


Meg November 26, 2012 at 11:53 am

Looks like a very fun and busy weekend! I love this time of year and adore a decorated house, too — though the process also gets to me. I’m putting up three trees this year — one with my parents and sister; one with my boyfriend; one at work — and am tired already! Two of the three are now done, though. Whew.
Meg recently posted..Of holiday decorating and skinny pants


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