Review: Grilled Cheese at the Melt Factory {Morristown, New Jersey}

by Cate on December 12, 2012

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If garlic is one of my love languages, grilled cheese is certainly right up there. When I was home sick from school as a child, I could always count on grilled cheese, tomato soup, and ginger-ale, and getting to curl up in our beige colored, well-loved recliner in the family room. To this day, it remains a meal that is total comfort food for me, and reminds me of childhood instantly.

So when we were in Morristown recently for the Gingerbread Wonderland exhibit and needed a kid-friendly place for dinner, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to give Grilled Cheese at the Melt Factory a try. Located on Morris Street, just steps away from the green, it is a great location … you can grab a bite, check out the Christmas lights on the green, warm up with a hot drink at Starbucks and finish off with a dessert at one of the many places along South Street.

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Started by a young 20-something, the idea for Grilled Cheese at the Melt Factory was originally born because the owner wanted a place for people to get a quick bite after the bars in town close. I suppose business plans have been built on less. This, of course, also explains the super late hours (open until 3 am on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) and the breathalyzer by the front counter.

Mission statement aside, how can you resist a build-your-own grilled cheese sandwich? The restaurant offers 23 different sandwich combinations on the menu, but you can also mix and match your bread and insides at will. And that actually proved more delicious than what the menu board offered.

I ordered a PB & J for Madeline, and Nick went with #23, the “Avocado,” which is grilled chicken, mozzarella, tomato, avocado and Ranch dressing. It is worthy to note that while the menu says “avocado,” it is actually guacamole and had a little bit of a kick to it. Two totally different things. I went with the roasted vegetable one (#16), because I was trying to stay virtuous, combined with the goal of trying something different.

All good.

But what was even better?

When one of our friends put together his own concoction … pulled pork with coleslaw and Cheddar. Amazeballs.

Like seriously, go for that alone.

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While the average cost of $7.95 per sandwich might seem a little steep on the onset, all sandwiches come with a drink and a bag of chips. You know, like a perfect little happy meal for the grilled cheese fan. As the restaurant is in a converted house, it is a bit small (only five tables and a counter for inside seating), but surprisingly enough, on a Friday night, there was only one other table occupied when we were there. And they quickly left before we sat down, and I’m sure it had absolutely nothing to do with three energetic kids bringing their own brand of noise to the joint.

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Parking is easy if you’re lucky enough to find a spot on the street. If not, and it’s after-hours, there is a bank parking lot across the street, which worked out just fine.

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Grilled Cheese at the Melt Factory
28 Morris Street 
Morristown, NJ 07960
(973) 998-8588

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Kris #40 December 13, 2012 at 12:56 pm

And let me tell everyone – the leftovers are amazing! Thanks Cate!


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