Happy Mother’s Day {2013}

by Cate on May 12, 2013

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On Friday morning, on my way to work, I was trying to figure out our weekend. We had some major overlaps for Saturday, with sports and sports and birthday parties, and short of cloning myself, I wasn’t sure the best way to meet all our obligations.

By the time I picked Madeline up Friday afternoon after school, our very-full weekend started unraveling. Strep throat and a fever of 103.3 will do that to you. Oh my poor little monkey. As we sat waiting for our appointment, she was burning up and moaning.

Luckily antibiotics are a wonderful thing, and by last night, there was way less moaning and way less hunka hunka burning forehead.

But to play it safe, and keep other germs at bay, we sat out of Mother’s Day festivities today (brunch at my sister’s and dinner with friends). And my plans for taking pictures of my sister and I with my Mom, me and the kids, and my sister and her kids fell by the wayside.

Instead we slept in. There was breakfast on trays in bed. Cooperation. Silliness. Laziness. Quiet reading time. And just general good family times.

Except for tonight when Madeline got herself the biggest goose egg I have ever seen. My poor thing, ending the weekend with as big a bang as she started it with.

But bumps and strep and fevers notwithstanding, we are blessed, and there are no other people I’d rather spend my time with.

*the picture was from our first day of Spring Break. We had planned to take a picture tonight, but with the goose egg, I was banned from further photography.

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Paula Ann May 13, 2013 at 8:43 am

It;s a beautiful picture of you and the kiddos! Sometimes those quiet holidays are the best. I hope Maddie is feeling better now. Wishing you a belated Happy Mother’s Day, Cate!


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