Madeline and K-I-S-S-I-N-G

by Cate on May 7, 2013

Full House Fan
“Mom, when was your first kiss?”

“How old were you?”

“Who was it?”

I was doing the dishes, and she was standing in front of me, patiently waiting for an answer.

I started to ask where this topic was coming from, and then I remembered.

DJ’s First Kiss was the episode of Full House that she had watched the day before. She discovered Full House a few months back and has been positively smitten ever since (and have you seen what DJ looks like now? all grown-up and gorgeous!).

I told her a short story about when my first kiss was. It didn’t matter who it was because she doesn’t know him (as in, hasn’t been in my life since back then). But she wanted to know all about whatever else I would offer her.

I finished the story by telling her I was much older than DJ, as I was 16 at the time. And that before she gets any ideas, she is much too young for her first kiss.

And then she laughs and says, “Mom, look at me! I’m too little!”

And just the way she said it, with her cocky little hands perched on her hips made me crack up. And then I breathed a sigh of relief. Over the weekend, at Nick’s track meet, I overhead her telling someone she was “5 going on 18.” They were surprised to find out she’s only 5, and I’m surprised to find out she finally thinks she’s too little for something!

A couple days later, a friend of mine was over and we were talking in the kitchen. Apparently that is the place for serious conversations these days. Madeline goes right up to her and starts asking about her first kiss. My friend looked at me, wondering where this was coming from, and I filled her in. She gave Madeline a few scant details and then she skipped off to go color.

“I never thought I’d be telling Maddie about my first kiss,” my friend laughed.

Yeah, me either.

PS If you missed yesterday’s post, it ran this morning, and you can catch it right here. A yummy smoked salmon salad that I made as part of my recent participation in the Foods from Chile project.

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Joanne May 8, 2013 at 6:31 am

Oh Madeline…she is definitely 5 going on 18 but at least she knows her limits to some degree! And actually I think we caught the tail end of that episode as well!
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