Madeline: What I Learned in Preschool {Year Three}

by Cate on June 22, 2013

My creation

First, wow.

I mean, just wow. Sometimes the differences in the first and last day of school pictures are subtle. Sometimes, they are staggering.

And so it is with Madeline’s. The obvious off the bat is that she has grown a couple inches. But the biggest difference for me is in her face. In the picture of her first day of pre-k4, she still had a lot of “baby” in her face, but it was never more apparent than when I saw the two pictures together.


She really IS growing up, whether I like it or not.

Last year, she went to a new Catholic school. She knew one person going in, but that didn’t stop her. She made many good friends, and fully embraced having religion class every day (as you’ll see by some of her interview answers below). It was a different school, different curriculum, but the perfect decision for that time. Her teachers were wonderful, and just the right introduction to the school system. They love her a lot, and it was never more evident than when they were saying their good-byes to her on her graduation day this week. As they were tearing up, I had to promise up and down that she would come back and visit.

And we will.

In the Fall, she’ll be going off to the school that Nick just graduated from, so while they will both finally be in the same school district (hurray!), they both have many new changes ahead. She’ll be taking the bus and getting rid of her uniform. Something she is equal parts nervous and excited about. After a couple initial days of trepidation, I’m sure she’ll settle into a new routine and do beautifully.

This year, she enjoyed another season of soccer (her fourth), and she just finished track (they had their final meet this morning). After sitting for hours upon hours on many Sunday afternoons watching Nick at his track meets, I was thrilled to find a track program that they could both do together. So was she. And it turns out, she’s pretty fast! At their second-to-last meet on Thursday, she came away with two first place ribbons and a second place finish. I don’t know the final results for today’s meet yet, but I believe she was second in the softball throw.


My creation

My creation

She was a little nervous before her graduation ceremony, which, of course, only made me nervous for her. It was an adorable ceremony, nonetheless, and a perfect 30 minutes long. Just enough time to sing a few songs, and receive their diplomas. Or “paplomas” as she calls them.


What was your favorite part of school this year?
Playing with my friends and learning new stuff, like about Jesus and Mary.

What was your least favorite part of school?
When Mrs. S. would yell at us. When kids were moved up to the red or yellow light because they weren’t behaving, I would get worried that I’ll be in that area too.

What will you miss about school over the summer?
Playing with my friends, being with my teachers.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A dolphin trainer or helping dolphins.

What are some things you learned this year?
I learned about Jesus and saying prayers like the Our Father and the Hail Mary. I learned how to count backwards.

What excites you about the next school year?
Making new friends.

What will you miss about leaving your old school?
I am going to miss Abigail (a friend she made this year).



Tomorrow? Weekend photos.
All next week? Book reviews every day, and information about summer reading programs.

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Joanne June 23, 2013 at 7:25 am

Wow it really is amazing how much she has grown up in just one year!!
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