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by Cate on August 15, 2013

So here’s two things you might not know about me.

One, I am ridiculously vigilant about changing our toothbrushes very regularly. For a variety of reasons. And even more often when someone has been sick. And well, just ick. One of my germophobe tendencies that I make no apologies for. *And besides me being a weirdo about this, the American Dental Association says you should change your toothbrush every three months anyway.

And two, I am all for convenience.

If there is a way to combine those two things? I’m on it like white on rice.

For realz.

I am a big fan of automation. Of things magically being taken of without me even having to think about it. Or order it. Or go get it. No second thoughts, ever.

More ways to make life easier? Puh-leeze. And sign me up.

I have a list of items that I “subscribe and save” to on Amazon. I set how often we need it, and they magically ship it to me on that schedule without me ever reminding them (perfect for things like vitamins, for example). My contact lenses? I have that on automatic shipment too (and one of these days, I’m going to write a post all about it). Every four months, a new package arrives on my doorstep with new fresh lenses, and I didn’t have to think twice about it.


So when I was able to combine the magic of automation with my penchant for changing our toothbrushes on the regular?

You didn’t need to ask me twice.

Forget the fact that it’s ridiculously inexpensive to boot.

That’s just like the icing on the proverbial cake.

Or the toothpaste on my delivered-to-my-door toothbrush.


And that’s why I’m telling you about this Floss and Brush joint.

You tell them how many people are in your household. And they will send you, monthly, a package with a toothbrush and dental floss for each person.

$1 per month per person.

Now being that I am a extreme couponer, I will tell you that since we replace our toothbrushes often, I know the cheapest I can get a brand toothbrush for is 88 cents.

With this program, you’re getting the toothbrush *and* the floss delivered to your door for a buck ($1 shipping per brush, but if you have a family of three or more, it’s free shipping).

I don’t know of a better deal going.

And that, my dear folks, concludes today’s Public Service Announcement.

Oh … well, almost! How about you winning a one year package from them?!

I know. Awesomesauce.

One lucky Sweetnicks reader will win a giveaway valued at $107 that includes the following:

  • 1 Free Annual FAB Membership (every three months, a new toothbrush and 3 month supply of flows will arrive at your winner’s doorstep)
  • 1 Free Annual FAB + White4Life Memberships (this includes not only a toothbrush and floss every three months but each shipment will also include FAB’s professional grade whitening to be used in custom whitening trays)

To enter, you must do both of these items:

  1. Visit FAB’s Pinterest page and repin an image from any one of the “Smile Boards” that makes you smile. Include a description in your pin that explains why it makes you smile. Include the #FABsmile hashtag in the pin. OR, pin your own image to Pinterest of something that makes you smile. Be sure to include the description along with the #FABsmile hashtag. OR, post a photo to Instagram and describe why that photo makes you #FABsmile. Include the #FABsmile hashtag in your Instagram update. Come back to this post and share the link to the pin/Instagram photo in order to enter for a chance to win.
  1. Sign up for FlossAndBrush.com’s mailing list.

Super simple, and a great prize.

Toothbrushes and floss for the win!

Contest will end at midnight EST on August 22, at which point a winner will be chosen by random.org. Winner will have 48 hours to get me their information, or another winner will be chosen. Good luck!

PS If you use teeth whitening trays, the folks at Floss and Brush are offering Sweetnicks’ readers 25% off any tray kit. Just enter the code tray25 at check-out.

Tomorrow? Methinks the children’s book review is still a go. We still have 16 more kids’ books to read in the next three weeks to collect our $ from the summer reading program. Ack.

*This post was brought to you through my partnership with Mom It Forward. As always, completely my opinions. If it stinks, I’ll tell you.

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Joanne August 16, 2013 at 6:23 am

every THREE months?! Wow. I have really been slacking.
Joanne recently posted..Frozen Treats to Beat the Heat #GIVEAWAY


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