August 2014 in Instagram

by Cate on November 13, 2014

August 2014 in Instagram

The temperatures outside took a big dive today, and phrases like “arctic blast” are being bandied about for the rest of November’s forecast.

Let’s bury our head in the sand and go back to August instead.

August was for …

ice cream cones

and turning 12

and sun flare

and paddle boards (new toys for new 12-year-olds)

and cheerleading. lots of cheerleading

magic classes and performances

and adorable little sous chefs

creepy crawly and too big spiders

discovering new places for nature walks

and the #icebucketchallenge

Philadelphia (and oysters and cheese steak and magic gardens)

and a still-unblogged trip to Knoebel’s

and, well, almost 400 pictures taken during the month.

Which means I had some tough decisions to make to whittle it down to 36 photos to represent the awesome that August brought.

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Want to learn a few tips and tricks and about other good photo apps? Check outthis post here.

*I’m cateomalley on Instagram if you’d like to follow along during the month.

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