Recipe: The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

by Cate on January 5, 2015

Slightly crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. This recipe for chocolate chip cookies is the best of the best.

Chocolate Chip Cookies - close-up-001

If you’ve been visiting Sweetnicks for awhile, you might have noticed that we’ve been on a seemingly endless search for the PERFECT chocolate chip cookie. And as deemed by my six-year-old, that means that the cookie is slightly crispy on the outside but super soft on the inside.

We have tried countless recipes in our quest, and some have come close, but none have been the call-off-the-dogs-this-is-it cookie. In fact, I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to just this endeavor, filled with chocolate chip cookie recipe after chocolate chip cookie recipe. We have been making our way slowly through them, but so far, the perfect one has eluded us.

Until just recently.

And we actually came upon them quite by accident.

One of our friends from the animal rescue group that we volunteer with is quite obsessed with Harvest Snapeas.

An obsession I totally share.

I happened to mention the super-humongo size bags that Costco sells, and how much cheaper it is than at the grocery store, and offered to pick her up a few bags the next time I was there.

She wanted to repay the favor and asked if she could make the kids a batch of cookies.


I pulled up to our meeting spot and she handed me a plate of cookies, which I gave to the kids, who were still in the car. I talked outside with her for a few minutes, and as soon as I got back in the car, Madeline exclaimed, “Mom! These are it! These cookies are amazing!”

And so here we are.

I am the first to admit that I generally skip right past any cookie recipe that requires a chilling stage.

I just don’t have much interest in a high maintenance cookie, you know? So many recipes, so little time…

But for the taste of these cookies?

And for the forever adoration of my daughter?


And, of course, after indulging in a cookie or two myself, I have to agree.

These are everything you want from your chocolate chip cookie and more.

They are large and thick. No dinky, dainty cookies here.

A slight crispy bite gives way to a super soft, sometimes chocolate-melty inside.

They are pretty much perfect.

Stack of Chocolate Chip Cookies-001

So much so that I don’t even mind the two-hours-or-overnight-chilling step.

And now we always have a box of powdered vanilla pudding mix in the closet, so we can make them anytime (I do believe that’s the secret ingredients to the interior softness).

And by “make anytime,” I mean we’ve been making them pretty much weekly since we were first introduced to them.

Make ’em, share ’em, don’t share ’em, but, by all means, don’t miss out on them.

You can visit Averie Cooks here for the complete recipe. My only note is to be sure you follow the timing of the baking precisely. Sometimes they don’t *look* like they’re done, but I promise, they are. I overbaked a batch for New Year’s Day dessert, and it completely loses the soft-inside effect. Which is pretty much the whole part of what makes them perfect. The recipe *looks* long, but it’s really no big deal. Mix your ingredients. Chill. Bake.

Chocolate Chip Cookies - side shot-001


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Joanne January 6, 2015 at 8:12 am

Yay for finding the perfect CCC! The chilling time does help make them more delicious and I love the pudding mix-in as a secret ingredient!
Joanne recently posted..Candied Ginger, Almond, and Quinoa Granola


Meg January 6, 2015 at 9:41 am

Well, you’ve definitely got my attention! I’m a chocolate chip cookie fanatic, too, and mine never seem to come out just right. My dad actually bakes a mean version, but I’m going to have to compete with him using this one!
Meg recently posted..Book review: ‘Big Little Lies’ by Liane Moriarty


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