Recipe: Bacon, Egg, and Spinach “Waffles” {Whole30}

by Cate on March 23, 2015

Thinking a little outside of the box today with a new breakfast idea … Bacon, Egg, and Spinach “Waffles.”


I don’t like waffles.


Never have, doubt I ever will.

I think it’s a texture thing.

Nick isn’t a fan either, but Madeline likes them (syrup on the side, please), which means that she is most familiar with the Eggo version, because making homemade waffles for one … probably not happening.

If you’ve been a longtime reader, you know how particular I am about the real estate in my kitchen.

I tend not to buy many gadgets. Heck, I don’t even have a rolling pin.

So a waffle maker for just one waffle eater didn’t make sense.

But then last week I had a little brainstorm.

In the midst of trying to mix up breakfasts a bit for me.

For all of us.

What if I put eggs in a waffle maker?

Mind. blown.

And so we now have a waffle maker. (This one, to be exact)

For egg “waffles.”

And, of course, now for homemade waffles for Miss Madeline.

This isn’t so much a recipe as it is a guideline and inspiration for you to do your own thing.

Much like Joanne’s frittata, this “waffle” is a good vehicle for you to clean out your fridge of its lingering bits and pieces.

For this version, I’ve included the guidelines below.

Mix and match with whatever leftovers you want to get rid of.

Make a different one for each member of your family.

It’s like an omelet.

But not.




*And, and it’s only “cleaner” if you estimate the right amount of eggs for your waffle maker. I didn’t the first try … and, well, that wasn’t exactly “clean.”

Bacon, Egg, and Spinach “Waffle”
Recipe courtesy of Cate O’Malley

5 eggs
handful of spinach, washed and patted dry, cut into bite size pieces
cooked bacon, chopped
salt and pepper

Heat up your waffle maker and spray with non-stick spray (I used olive oil spray). In a large mixing bowl, add the eggs and beat until well combined. Add the spinach, the chopped bacon, salt, and pepper. Mix to combine and pour slowly into your waffle maker. Redistribute gently as needed to make sure each “waffle” has pieces of the add-ins. Serve when done (2-3 minutes with our waffle maker).

*If you’re following Whole30, you will need to make sure your bacon is compliant. I made my own (recipe coming soon), to be sure, otherwise find one that has no sugar or nitrates.

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Joanne March 24, 2015 at 7:12 am

Ooo I need to try this. My waffle maker doesn’t get nearly enough use, but we eat eggs all the time and this would be such a fun way to enjoy them!
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Stephanie April 11, 2015 at 11:28 am

With the recipe calling for 5 eggs, how many waffles does this make?


Cate April 12, 2015 at 9:53 pm

My waffle maker makes four waffles at a time, and this recipe was enough for one batch of four waffles.


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