Review: Kit Nip Box

by Cate on March 16, 2015

A monthly treat box for cats? Our crew would sign themselves up if they could.


Bark Box is a name that you are probably very familiar with. I see their ads on facebook often, and they are well connected with our rescue group, as the rescue gets a kick back every time someone signs up for a monthly subscription.

But what about the cats?

Truth be told, I rarely buy our cats toys, much to Madeline’s dismay.

Mostly because they seem to make random household items toys on their own.



Plastic bags.


They don’t need much to entertain themselves, so I’ve left well enough alone.

But then I received an email from the folks at Kit Nip Box and, well, if our cats could talk… they would scream in excitement.

Nick just put the still sealed box on the floor and they were

Apparently the scent of catnip through the box is something fierce.

Within moments of the kids opening the box and examining the contents, the ten-year-old cats were suddenly acting like kittens.


It was kind of hysterical to watch, and the kids were shrieking at how ridiculous the cats were behaving.

Just like Bark Box, it is a monthly subscription service. You sign up and every month, you and your cat will get a box delivered that is full of toys and treats.

Pretty much like a Cat Christmas on the regular.

The treats are all-natural and the contents vary monthly.

There are two different size options, so you can choose what is perfect for you and your pets. Cancel at any time. Examples of contents include cat toys, treats, accessories, health and hygiene products, innovative new gadgets, and more. If your cat happens to have an allergy or other sensitive issue, you can opt out of the treats.

Like Bark Box, the team at Kit Nip Box also supports many rescue organizations, and I’m sure you know how much we love that.

I think it’s safe to say our crew was on board from the moment go.


The catnip-induced coma starts in 3 … 2 …

*This was NOT a sponsored post. Just sharing something that our crew loves.

Tomorrow? Chicken Avocado Salad.

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