Visit: Donut Dip {West Springfield, Massachusetts}

by Cate on May 18, 2015

Find yourself in Massachusetts with a craving for donuts? Be sure to pop into Donut Dip.


Many, many years ago, I remember Rachael Ray saying on one of her shows, “If you want a recommendation on where to eat, ask a local.”

It’s something that stuck with me, and has served us well ever since. It led us to Jack’s BBQ when we were in Nashville last year, and last week, it took us to the Donut Dip in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

We were staying at a hotel nearby and we were looking for something quick and delicious for breakfast. As we were checking out of our hotel room, I asked the front desk clerk. She had just finished giving specific directions to the guest in front of me so he could find the “most delicious granola crusted French Toast,” so I knew she was just who to ask.

“Donut Dip. You will love it,” she said when I told her what we were looking for.


The place was hopping when we got there (just a short walk from our hotel), but despite the small size and amount of customers there, there was barely any wait for service.

But first … the smell. You could seriously smell it before we even walked in the doors.

In fact, it smelled so good that the kids walked in and said “I want to order whatever smells so good.”

Quite honestly, I don’t think it was one thing specifically, but more so everything together, but I’m betting the fresh made cider donuts were definitely leading the scent brigade. These same apple cider donuts are supplied to a local apple orchard as well.

So many donuts to choose from, thank goodness we don’t live closer.

Fresh, soft, pillowy, filled with creams and jellies, or dusted with bright confectioners’ sugar, the kids’ were hard-pressed to pick just one… especially since they sell nearly 50 kinds of donuts, not to mention their cookies and other pastries.

So they didn’t.


Madeline went with a Boston Crème and an Apple Cider donuts. Nick chose an apple pie square he spied as we were leaving, and an egg and sausage sandwich on a bagel, and I went with their Honey Glazed. I can’t even remember the last time I had a donut, but it was everything it should be. Plump and airy and soft and lightly glazed and non-greasy.

While we were waiting for Nick’s sandwich, the kids watched the ladies in the side room making and filling donuts.

That’s how fresh they were.

*it’s hard to tell the sheer enormity of those Belly Busters, but they’re about the size of four donuts!

There are some bar stool style seats available if you want to eat in, otherwise their take-out service is brisk. The style inside is decidedly retro and everything an old-fashioned donut shop should be. Short on frills, long on flavor. The staff was very friendly and filled orders quickly.

This location has been in operation since 1957 and is the “headquarters” where all their donuts are made for both this spot, and their second location in East Longmeadow.

If you happen to be in the area or passing through, it’s worth a stop.

Donut Dip
1305 Riverdale Road
West Springfield, MA

*And if you happen to live in New Jersey and want to do your own Donut Crawl to celebrate #NationalDonutDay, here’s a good place to start.

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