Grown-Up Wine Glasses & Uncommon Goods

by Cate on March 7, 2016


My kitchen is an average size. Not too big, not too small. Much like Goldilocks and the three bears … it’s just right.

But even so, I am very selective about what I let take up real estate in my kitchen.

I have very few single-use items.

No gadgets.

No one trick ponies.

It took me forever to buy a waffle maker (and when I did, it was this one, which we love and use often), because I wanted to make sure I would use it a lot, and it wouldn’t take up unnecessary space.

So I don’t just add things haphazardly.

Items need to earn their space.

No extra stuff.

When it comes to glasses, I have two small cabinets full.

Mostly unbreakable ones.

Because kids.

And because I am clumsy.

I just like to reduce the worry.

I have two wine glasses.

Yes, exactly two.

It used to be a set of six.

I never bothered to replace them as they broke because I really don’t drink wine that often, so the two has been enough for when company comes over.

Years and years ago, back in our old house, and when I was still married, I had a huge closet in our dining room and it was filled with glasses. Every kind I could possibly need.

Flutes, margarita glasses, shot glasses, wine glasses.

I had amassed the collection over the years but when we moved, I got rid of all of it.

I just wasn’t using it, and didn’t want it taking up space.

In my mind or my kitchen.

Real estate.

But I recently opened up that door again.

Just a tiny bit.

When the folks at Uncommon Goods reached out.

They offered to send me their stemless wine glasses.

And I was instantly smitten as soon as I saw them.

Insert all the heart eyes emojis here.

First, stemless.

Stemmed wine glasses are infinitely more fragile. With stemless glasses, I don’t need to worry quite as much.

Secondly, they are made from recycled glass, so they are super thick and strong.

And last, but perhaps just as important?


I mean, those colors!

And ombre! (And if stemless wine glasses aren’t your thing, they have tons of other equally gorgeous varieties)

How can you not want something that beautiful in your home?

Reminds me of that William Morris quote, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

The weekend after the glasses arrived, I was having a Girls’ Night In party in our home for Turbo Tax (yay for getting taxes done!) and everyone quickly claimed their favorite color with which to drink my White Wine Strawberry Sangria.

And there’s another plus… with the different colors, there’s no need for those little wine tags and charms.

Everyone has their own color and remembers whose glass is whose.

And so, these gorgeous stemless wine glasses have taken up a small piece of real estate in my kitchen.

If you’re looking for entertaining items for your next soiree … or for your own home … check out Uncommon Goods. Their items are beautiful and unique (their agate coasters in the Hostess section are another favorite of mine, along with the personalized cutting boards {great wedding shower gift!}).

Perfect for gift giving … or for you.

And perfect for Girls’ Nights and taxes.

Or softening the blow of the latter.

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