Visit: Sweet Bakery {Boston, MA}

by Cate on June 3, 2016


When I was compiling a completely unrealistically long list of Things to Do for our quick trip to Boston during Spring Break, someone mentioned Sweet Bakery was a must-visit.

And, of course, I was all ears.

Because, cupcakes.

There are several locations in the Boston area, so I quickly put each address into the Waze app to see which one made the most sense and had the best hope of parking, and the Charles Street location was it.

We amazingly found a parking space right in front of the store, which I decided was fate. Or that, despite the fact that I obsessively read all the street signs looking for why I shouldn’t be parking there, I would come out and my car would be towed.

Luckily the worry was for nothing.


As soon as we opened the door to the bakery, it smelled like sugar and baked goods all at once, swirling around our heads and inviting us into the storefront. Which is exactly what I want to smell when I go into a bakery. Just absolutely divine.

Their display case was full and everything looked so good. There are many seasonal flavors and traditional favorites to choose from, even frosting shots. Fancy schmancy flavors like Madagascar bourbon vanilla and plain old awesome chocolate. Yes, please. We each choose a mini and got them packed up to enjoy later that evening. Untitled

Sweet Bakery has been named Best 101 Cupcakes in America and Boston’s Best Cupcakes.

I can see why.

As we each bit into our cupcakes, the cake part was nice and tender and the frosting… oh my word, the frosting. You know how when you eat something sugary, you slowly feel the heat creep up the sides of your head and tickle the insides of your temples?

I hope that’s not just me.

That was this.

So good.

So very good.

And the perfect amount of frosting to cupcake ratio. You know those cupcakes that are so overloaded with frosting, it makes you sad because it’s so wasteful? This is not that. Just perfection in a tiny little two bite indulgence.

I was kind of bummed that we only bought one mini cupcake each.

But I think that’s probably better, if you get my drift.

If you happen to find yourself in the Boston area, do pop in for a sweet treat. You won’t be disappointed.

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