Letter to My Son – Happy 14th Birthday!

by Cate on August 2, 2016


“You must be so proud of Nick,” a friend said to me when I dropped something off at her home this weekend.

“I am. 100%.”

And it’s unequivocally true.

Nick, I can’t even put into words at how proud I am of you, and the young man you are becoming.

You are kind and sweet and have a huge heart. You help friends, family, and perfect strangers without even thinking twice … and without prompting from me.

You are fearless and forthright and honest as the day is long.

You are determined and focused, and when you have something in your sights, you put together a plan to make it happen.

You are silly and goofy and can be on the floor convulsing in giggles with your sister in a heartbeat.

You help me out around our home without question (ahem, well, most of the time) and are constantly putting me and your sister first.

You are mature and entrepreneurial and hoard your money like nobody’s business. I know very few kids that hustle the way you do, managing your own web site, and snow shoveling and pet sitting business, and I love that about you.

Whether you do it quietly in small actions or in a big and loud manner, you are a wonderful support system for your sister and I, and probably our biggest cheerleader.

I love being your mom, and you make me more and more proud every day.

Happy 14!!

Love, Mom

LIKES: track, Minecraft, the Jersey shore, Costco pizza, Moe’s Burrito Bowls, Japanese candy, photography, volunteering, acai bowls, stay-home-pajama-days.

DISLIKES: clutter, waking up early, emptying the dishwaser

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JenAnn August 13, 2016 at 1:10 pm

I remember reading you years ago and losing track somewhere along the way. I found you again and am shocked that Nick is 14! I remember him as practically a baby. What a handsome boy he is turning into! Sending birthday love:)


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