Recipe: Madras Chicken Salad

by Cate on October 12, 2016

Flavored with curry powder and apple pieces, this Madras Chicken Salad is unusual but will keep you coming back for more.


I’m doing another round of Whole30 right now, and I’m currently on Day 10. My migraines have gotten a bit worse over the past few months, as has my sleep, and I remember when I did Whole30 last year that both of those issues were vastly improved while I was on it.

So, of course, I’m doing it again.

Beyond those two perks, it’s also a good reset for your body and an excellent reminder about eating the right things. Now that I’m firmly passed the sugar withdrawal, and the hangriness of Days Four through Seven, I’ve settled in nicely and am quite enjoying my meals and positive effects from it. It really kind of rewires your brain a bit while you’re on it. As the creator said at an event last week, during the first week, all you’re doing is thinking about food … what you can and can’t have, where you can eat out, how to live within the confines of the restrictions, and once you’re nearing the end (or, for me, week two), you’re in that nice rote pattern of everything being routine.

You’re no longer THINKING about it, you’re just DOING it.

You’re remembering how much your body loves food that is good FOR you.

It’s a nice place to be.


When I was meal planning a few days ago, I wanted to prep a few things to have on hand for quick lunches or light dinners, so I didn’t get derailed if I ran short of time, and that’s where this Madras Chicken Salad came in. I found the recipe in the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook, which is one of my favorite cookbooks, and it was super simple to make, especially if you used a rotisserie chicken.

I will be honest. I hate apples, unless they’re as a vehicle to get this dip into my mouth, or unless they’re baked. So the fact that I loved them in this recipe should tell you something. Secondly, you really have to like curry powder because it is very apparent in this recipe. If you don’t, swap it out and make an herb mayo or garlic mayo, and it is sure to be just as good.

The first day, I just ate it as is, right from the plate. The second day, I scooped some into avocado halves, and it was delish. I shared some of this salad with a friend who is also on Whole30, and she went out and bought the ingredients to make it the next day.

Yes, it’s THAT GOOD.

I’m going to send you to Nom Nom Paleo’s site directly to get the recipe, because there are some separate links for the mayo. Only changes I made was to use rotisserie chicken, and I skipped the almonds.


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