Review: Fuel Thermos

by Cate on January 6, 2017

Cool, sleek, and best of all … effective. This Trudeau Fuel Thermoses are exactly what your lunchbox needs.


The thermoses of today are most definitely not the thermoses we grew up with. The thermoses I remember from my childhood were big and bulky and rarely kept the food warm. I am still somewhat nostalgic for them, and mostly the characters that were emblazoned on them, but I never used them for my own kids because they weren’t very effective.

Enter Trudeau thermoses. Which are most definitely NOT the thermoses of our youth.

Super sleek and stylish, they are easy to open and close, particularly for little hands. The one I use doesn’t have a cup inside the lid, like for soup, but they are available in the product line.

But the REAL question is … do they work?

I’m happy to report that they do.

Come December, all the cute little lunches are gone by the wayside and I’m in a heavy rotation of preparing ham sandwiches and pb&j on the daily. I am desperately seeking new inspiration (and motivation!), and so is my kid.

Enter the thermos.

I used them sporadically for Nick when he was younger, but not as often because they really didn’t do the job of keeping the food warm. And, well, really, who wants cold chicken noodle soup or nuggets?

No one, that’s who.

Maddie still hates ALL soup, but she does love pancakes and buttered noodles, so when I got this thermos, I thought we would give them a try.

The first day she came home, after going to school with buttered noodles (and was SO excited about it, by the way), I asked her if her lunch was still warm when her class finally sat down to wait.


Cue the angels’ choir … we now have a few more lunch options to, hopefully, get us through the end of the year.

I make sure to stack the odds in our favor … here’s how:

I put boiling hot water into the thermos and let it sit for a few minutes to warm up the inside. Pour it out. Before adding your food to the container, be sure the food is piping hot. Like burn your tongue hot. Then add it to the container.

You should be good to go.

I’ve seen these containers at HomeGoods and TJ Maxx and even Target.

Happy hot lunches!

*This is the recipe for our favorite chocolate chip pancakes!

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