Visit: Nantasket Beach Resort {Hull, MA}

by Cate on May 6, 2017

A quaint hotel with a gorgeous view right outside of Boston … let’s visit the Nantasket Beach Resort!


Last year, for Spring break, my kids and I met up with Sarah and her kids for a whirlwind day in Boston. Because I’m only slightly crazy, we spent the night in Hull the night before, to break up the long day of driving for me. Although it would have been more convenient to stay in Boston, I picked a spot outside of Boston because the price is dramatically less expensive.

When I’m looking for a hotel, I always start with Groupon and LivingSocial to hunt for the best deal. My kids have two criteria for hotels … a swimming pool and room service. This one had neither, but it had an in-house restaurant and a stunning view of the beach across the street, so it was still a winner.


We were only in the area for the night, and headed straight to meet Sarah in Boston the next day, so we didn’t really poke around too much, but I CAN tell you that there was a drive-thru Dunkin’ Donuts, which makes this caffeine-driven mama very happy. The town, however, has an interesting history. It is long and narrow, with one main street going down one side along the water, and the other side to exit, and it feeds into the Boston Harbor. Because of its convenient location to the waterway, it was originally set up as a Trading Post for Indians back in 1621!

The parking situation was a little odd at this hotel. Guests park a block down from the hotel. It’s not a terrible distance, but when we arrived it was raining, so it was a bit of a pain. It is, however, free parking, so bonus points for that.


The hotel is spotless and the front desk staff was very friendly and helpful. The rooms (just over 100) were updated and cute, with a great view. Once we put our bags down, we went straight downstairs to the restaurant, the Paragon Grill & Surf Lounge, for a bite to eat. Service was upbeat and timely, and the onion rings were awesome. I ended up ordering a burger, which was cooked the way I requested, and the kids chose chicken fingers. Very reasonably priced, and it was so nice to look out the windows and see the beach right there.



Nick, my oldest, cringed when I showed him this picture. He’s changed so much since last April, and I miss the long curls. :(


If you’re heading to the New England area and are looking for an off-the-beaten path place to stay, check out the Nantasket Beach Resort (and be sure to check Groupon and LivingSocial for hotel deals as well).

The Nantasket Beach Resort
45 Hull Shore Drive
Hull, MA 02045
Telephone 781.925.4500

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