Review: Delaware’s Big Fish Grill {Wilmington, DE}

by Cate on October 18, 2017

Looking for casual dining in Delaware? Let’s visit Delaware’s Big Fish Grill in Wilmington.


Although we only planned to visit Delaware for a whirlwind day trip in August, I wanted to make sure to squeeze in a meal at a local restaurant, and my requirements were simple. I wanted the place to be on the water (or at least super close to it) and to have seafood on the menu.

I did a quick search on a few different sites, scanned some reviews, and found Delaware’s Big Fish Grill. It was only a few miles away from the DuPont Environmental Center that we had visited, which was perfect because we arrived for lunch a little after 3 pm and our crew was STARVING.

The restaurant was very easy to find, and it has an ample parking lot. Because I had pored over the menu already at home, I knew exactly what I wanted to order.

The Chesapeake Bay Fried Oyster Sandwich.

The kids settled into our booth, and figured out what they wanted and our waitress came over.

Which is exactly when we found out that the lunch menu selections stop being available at 3 pm (it was currently 3:10 pm). It doesn’t note it on the menu or on their web site, and had I not already scoped out the menu, I might not have even noticed the differences between what I had seen online and the menu the waitress had handed us. The lunch and dinner menus are reasonably similar, except there are less sandwich options on the dinner version, and, most notably, no fried oyster sandwich.

She offered to get the manager for me, and he came over. I explained that the hours for the lunch menu weren’t noted online (and 3 seems awfully early to think about dinner), and it was only ten minutes past 3 … could he help us out and rustle up some fried oysters? He was completely amenable and agreed right away.


The kids menu has a good variety, is reasonably priced and, perhaps just as important, it had non-seafood selections for my fish haters.

While we were waiting for our food, the kids kept busy with the puzzles on the placemat and checking out the decor. It’s a pretty large restaurant and bright and airy, with a full bar and music playing in the background


Our food arrived within about twenty minutes or so, which gave the kids exactly enough time to visit the nearby restroom some 23 times.


My sandwich came with a choice of a side item, and I went with Neva’s Potatoes. I honestly didn’t even ask what they were; I just saw potatoes and was looking for something different. The next day, a friend up the street told me she dreams about those potatoes, so I clearly made the right call. They were kind of like a mashed potato casserole with a slightly crispy topping. So good, and my mouth is totally watering now just thinking about them again. Apparently the Neva’s Potatoes are a pretty hot item – just look at what a quick google search turns up (and now I’ve added “make a copycat recipe” to my list of things to do).

And my fried oyster sandwich? Demolished. The oyster were perfectly fried – slightly crispy, still juicy and flavorful, and exactly what you want from a restaurant on the water.


Who orders chicken fingers at a seafood restaurant? My daughter. One day she’ll see the light; until then, chicken fingers it is. Her brother is the same way, but he opted for a Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken.

Some of our friends went with mussels and shrimp and they were equally well received. The fish portions were plentiful and the meals overall were perfectly proportioned … not so big that you felt guilty about leaving some behind, and not so small that you left hungry.

If you’re in the area or day trip to Delaware like we did, do grab a meal here. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


Delaware’s Big City Grill
720 Justison Street
Wilmington DE 19801

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A few years ago, we visited the Historical Society of Delaware and the world’s largest frying pan.
And a 34 foot tall stainless steel status of the Virgin Mary.

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