Recipe: Jammy Tomato Sauce

February 25, 2020

An unusual mix of ingredients comes together to make one of my new favorite recipes … let’s make Jammy Tomato Sauce. Truth be told, I wasn’t looking for another recipe for tomato sauce, because I have several I rely on already, and really, how many recipes for the same thing do I need? Apparently just […]

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Weekend Photos in Review

February 23, 2020

*sleepover aftermath Print it!

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Recipe: Falafel Spiced Turkey Burgers {Whole30}

February 18, 2020

Those hints of falafel seasoning mixed with ground turkey serves up one delicious bite after another – let’s make Falafel Spiced Turkey Burgers! I love falafel, and its seasoning, so when I saw Molly Yeh make these Falafel-Spiced Turkey Burgers on a recent episode of Girl Meets Farm on Food Network, I made a mental […]

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Wordless Wednesday

February 5, 2020

Print it!

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Recipe: Triple Veggie Skillet {Whole30, Paleo}

February 3, 2020

Healthy, filled with vegetables, and a delicious way to start your day. Let’s make this Triple Veggie Skillet. I did my sixth round of Whole30 (where you give up dairy, alcohol, grains, legumes, and sugar for thirty days) last month, and even though it’s over, I’m still going strong with most of the guidelines. To […]

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