Recipe: Two Ingredient Pancakes {Whole30}

by Cate on October 20, 2016

Two ingredient pancakes that come together lickety-split AND are super healthy? I’ve got you covered.


Even though I make pancakes for my kids fairly often, I’ll be the first to admit it … I don’t really like pancakes. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve had pancakes over the past ten years, and I’d still have fingers leftover.

Just not my thing.

But what IS my thing is changing up breakfast a little bit, especially while doing Whole30, so it’s not eggs every day.

Because a person can only eat so many eggs.

So when I spied a mention for two ingredients pancakes, I was intrigued.



That’s it.

They take just a minute or two to mash and mix, and before you know it, you’re already putting them on your hot griddle to cook.

Sidebar: If you’re doing Whole30, you’ll want to use ghee or coconut oil in your pan, to keep compliant. Everyone else can use straight-up butter.

Because these pancakes don’t have the heaviness of their flour-filled counterparts, they cook up super quick. Like, just a minute or so on each side and you’ll be digging into a heaping plate of pancakes in no time flat.

And the taste?

Delish. I know it sounds weird, but they kind of taste like they have maple syrup inside them. Which, of course, they don’t.

They’re slightly sweet, and moist, and tender, and the perfect thing for when you just can’t look at another egg breakfast.

And because they have just two ingredients, they also satisfy the requirements if you are paleo, gluten-free, dairy free, grain free, or sugar-free.

Dig in.

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A gorgeous park, water view, and lighthouse … let’s visit Cape Elizabeth, Maine.


When we were talking about things we wanted to do over the summer, one of the places that my daughter, Madeline, wanted to visit was Maine. I don’t think she knew much more about it other than it’s a place her grandparents and aunt and uncle visit often, but she’s never been, and we have friends there, so a plan for a little getaway quickly came together.

Since my fellow blogger and friend, Sarah, has lived in Maine for two years now, she put together a short list of fun things we could do together during our visit, and as soon as I saw a lighthouse on the list, that was a no brainer. Because Madeline loves lighthouses. Untitled

Fort Williams is a former US Army fort that was operational for nearly 100 years, ending in 1964. This is a great resource if you want more background on its military usage. Once it officially closed, it was reestablished as Fort Williams Park and, true to form with most lighthouse properties, the area is gorgeous.

Like, I could sit there all day and take pictures and just listen to the crashing waves against the wall.

And that’s exactly how we spent a few hours there.


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