An easy and pretty breakfast is my favorite way to start the day. Let’s get creative with a little mix and match yogurt parfait.


Breakfast is always a struggle. And it likely will be a challenge until forever.

Mostly because my kids love sleep more than they love eating breakfast (and I don’t blame them one bit!).

And during the school year, we’re always leaving the house so early, if breakfast hasn’t been planned ahead, it just isn’t happening.

Which pretty much means I plan ahead all.the.time by way of a well stocked kitchen.

We eat yogurt on the daily. Tons of different kinds. Fruit on the bottom. Plain vanilla. Fruit mixed throughout. Greek yogurt. Yogurt straight up. We are equal opportunity yogurt eaters.

Our favorite way to eat Greek yogurt in particular is to make parfaits with fruit. It is an easy way to sweeten Greek yogurt just a touch, and by making parfaits, everyone can have the yogurt exactly the way they like it.

Our go-to for the fruit layers is the line of fruit in jars from Dole. For a million different reasons, but most of all because I don’t need to worry about peeling and cutting the fruit. Or if it’s in season. Or if I have any leftover. I just portion out what I need, and the rest goes in the fridge.

Easy peasy.

We layer the Greek yogurt with the fruit and either granola or our favorite crunchy cereal (this morning, we used Honey Bunches of Oats with almonds; perfect little sweet crunch). A little drizzle of honey or agave nectar on top and we have a delicious, healthy breakfast that we all agree on. It’s quick to make and we can personalize each one easily so everyone is getting the exact flavors they love the most.

Which pretty much means more honey on mine because neither of the kids like honey.


But I mean, really… when your breakfast looks this pretty, who wouldn’t want to dig in?

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