Eating Meals Together {#FamilyDinnerProject}

by Cate on November 24, 2014

*her expressions as she listens to her brother tell a story crack me up

Eating meals together is something that is hugely important in my home, and a lot of its importance stems from the fact that that’s the way my sister and I grew up as well.

Our family was never rushing off in ten thousand different directions. Sure, we both played sports, and I was a Girl Scout, and we had other family obligations, but we always connected over the dinner table.

And technology?

Never present.

My Dad would never let us answer the house phone if it rang.

Something I thought was, of course, ridiculous growing up, but something I practice every night with my kids.

Since I became a mom, I immediately understood where he was coming from.

If it’s important, they’ll call back.

No cell phones. No texting. No answering the phone.

Just good old-fashioned coming together at the table.




The way it was meant to be.

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