Saturday Special

by Cate on May 8, 2005

It’s going to be a quick post tonight so I can get in bed early. My choices were either stay up late and do advance prep for tomorrow, or go to bed early, get a good night’s rest and jump right on it tomorrow morning. Since we’ve been going non-stop since 6 am this morning, I’m opting for early to bed!

Despite what the weather forecasters were saying, we didn’t get one speck of rain today, so the flea market was on. I rented a few tables, and came home a little richer and with some definite color on my face. Nicholas had a friend’s birthday party to attend today, and Elmo made an appearance there too, so you KNOW he had a good time. Then, he was off to his grandparents for dinner, so The Husband and I took advantage of the free time, grabbed a bite to eat and did some errands. Got all my grocery shopping done for tomorrow, so I should be all set.

Remember the “Soup Nazi” made famous by the Seinfeld show? Well, with 1000 outlets of his restaurant planned for US and Canada over the next seven years, there may be a Soup Nazi coming to your neighborhood soon. Although the employees won’t be yelling “No soup for you” as they do in his original Manhattan restaurant, there will be webcams installed so the Soup Nazi, Al Yeganeh, can keep a watchful eye on everyone, insuring they follow his strict rules of “Have your money ready!” and “Move to the extreme left after ordering.” At the new upcoming stores, $10 will get you 8 ounces of soup (from seafood bisque and chili to cold and exotic soups), plus bread, a beverage, fresh fruit and a small piece of chocolate. There’s some advance skepticism on whether the planned outlets will be able to fetch the $10 price in the South and West US, but only time will tell.

Soon, they’ll also be selling his soup in the refrigerated sections of grocery stores nationwide, starting with New York and northern New Jersey markets. They plan to price the supermarket pints of soup at $4.95 to $6.95. Although Yeganeh’s soup is said to be “absolutely incredible,” at that price, it better be.

All for tonight … tune in tomorrow to hear the review from our Mother’s Day dinner, complete with pictures. And to all of those celebrating Mother’s Day tomorrow, enjoy it … you deserve it.

Until tomorrow…

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linda May 8, 2005 at 2:08 am

I best not say what I think of the Soup Nazi. Put it this way. After six years of hearing “No Soup for You!” I am ready to strangle the next customer who brings it up ;D


Paris Madeleine May 8, 2005 at 3:47 pm

Bwah to Linda! I never watched Seinfeld but I remember the chef character. If the soup is good and you get all the sides, I’d pay $10 for the entire shabang, but it’s gotta be good stuff.


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