TGIF – Date Night!

by Cate on June 25, 2005

We had our Date Night tonight, instead of our usual Thursday outing. With it being the weekend, and crowds being what they are, that crosses a whole bunch of restaurants off our list. Just don’t want to wait an hour or more to be seated, you know? The Husband suggested Fuddruckers, and it didn’t take much convincing. Even though the restaurant was packed and we had to make our own parking space (my family will tell you I’m good at that!), our food was ready in a heartbeat. No sooner did we sit down, our little buzzer started vibrating. That’s my kind of service. I got my usual sloppy burger, topped with bacon, cheese sauce, mayo and ketchup, with everything oozing through my fingers as I ate. I love those kind of burgers. :)

Self Magazine recently named the “unhealthiest cities” in the US and surprisingly enough, New Jersey had two of the top three. Great. Jersey City was first on the list, with more than double the amount of fast food and pizza places per capita than the winner of the “healthiest city” – Salinas, CA. Second in line was Atlantic City, where women typically “eat only about two fruit and vegetable servings per day.” Ouch. Toledo, OH was number 3, with their famous Hungarian hot dogs at Tony Packo’s Cafe (served with fried green pickles or chili cheese fries on the side) not helping their case. Healthiest cities (the top 3) were Salinas, CA; Hickory-Morganton, NC and Boulder-Longmont, CO. Interesting piece.

Got a new cookbook today, Delicious Dips by Diane Morgan. The cover picture is gorgeous, and being a big “dip fan,” I’m looking forward to delving into this one.

All for tonight. Having MAJOR computer problems at home that will have me reinstalling ALL of my software tonight. Think of me at 2 am, since I’m likely to be up. Had to go back into the office just to get this post up.

Until tomorrow…

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mbrogier June 29, 2005 at 7:25 am

How can one of the biggest consuming cities of Western North Carolina BBQ be considered healthy?? Did they get bonus points for their proximity to fresh mountain air?? A lot of my relatives in NC still consider tobacco a vegetable.


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