Monday Kick-Off

by Cate on January 24, 2006

A busy day at the office today, and tomorrow isn’t looking much better, but I always say, being busy is job security, so that’s a good thing!

I had planned to make 2 salmon dishes yesterday, but since I didn’t get to them, I was going to make some type of creamy pasta and salmon dish for dinner tonight. The Husband called me at the office and was already taking care of dinner. He knows one way to fulfill a craving when he has it, is to buy the stuff and make dinner. No complaints here. He made a salad, homemade french fries and steak. When The Husband and Nicholas stopped at the grocery store, Nicholas actually picked out the steak by himself, and he definitely picked a good one. We seared it quickly in a hot pan on both sides, which cooks it fast, but keeps the meat very tender inside. Yum. I topped mine with gorgonzola cheese, which melted quickly under the warmth of the meat.

The homemade french fries are what impressed me the most. We’ve probably gone through all the different frozen fry varieties available by now, and have yet to find one we like. We usually make seasoned roasted potatoes, either cubed or sliced, homemade instead. This time, though, The Husband got adventurous. Trying to satify his french fry craving, he took some potatoes and cut them in thick strips and fried them in a pot of hot oil, seasoning them as soon as they came out. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Perfect. He’s never attempted something like this and did a great job. Sounds like he’s got something else to put into his rotation.

After dinner, we took a quick run to the store to get Nicholas a computer. Every time he sees one of us at our computers, he always asks, “Which computer can I use?” They use a computer at his school, and he loves his computer time, and really wants it here too, so I wanted to get him something that he could use and feel like he had his “own” computer. I ended up getting him this Leapster and he’s beyond excited about it. We bought two games for it, and both of them teach all sorts of phonics and other educational tools in game format. Pretty cool … and can’t beat that he’s excited about learning. I’m all for that!

OK folks, wrapping it up for now. Don’t forget tomorrow is ARF/5-A-Day #4 – hope you join in.

Until then…

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Cyndi January 24, 2006 at 9:08 pm

I emailed the ARF link just now. Since the WDB bounced back afer 3 days, could you let me know if you get the ARF one? Thanks. That’s so cool about Nicholas getting a Leapster. I want one! NO, actually, I want one of those wind-up $100 laptops. Or even better, I want the computer I use here at work to be my computer at home!


Cate January 25, 2006 at 3:56 am

He loves, loves, loves the Leapster. ;) Yup, got your entry – you’re all set. :)


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