Weekend Dog Blogging #21 – The Snowed In Edition

by Cate on February 12, 2006

A completely relaxing, do absolutely nothing, didn’t even get dressed kinda day. Didn’t hurt that we were snowed in with nearly two feet of the white stuff. I was planning to get back into the kitchen today, after being away for a week, but with the fridge pretty empty, and the cars pretty buried, the motivation wasn’t coming. Just made tortellini for dinner with a simple butter sauce… one of my favorite meals, much to The Husband’s dismay. ;)

So without further ado, let’s get started with this weekend’s edition of Weekend Dog Blogging #21:

The curly-haired pup from Up a Creek without a PatL starts us off:

A potty-trained(!) dog from Sugar Mountain Farm puts all others to shame:

Perfect for the vacation we just came back from, a tropical-themed Ziggy visits from Soul Fusion Kitchen:

Dog borrower, Mona’s Apple, brings us a cute bulldog, Theodore:

Grabbing what little sun she can, Meeso from Blue Tape:

Newly adopted Wagner, joins Weekend Dog Blogging for the first time, from Breebop:

Birthday girl, Mallory, turned one on Friday. We met her when we stopped in Key West Lime ‘n More. Striking a pose…

While walking down the main shopping district in Cozumel this past week, we spotted this duo hanging out in the back of a moped:

The pup from The Hungry Rose revists some summertime memories from last year, a great escape from the snow that got dumped on our area between yesterday and today:

The boys from Culinary Adventures snuggle close for a little cuddle:

Bear, from Farmgirl Fare, on the job entertaining the flock, so to speak:

The adorable little Lady from Live, Laugh, Love:

A perfectly forlorn, yet sweet looking, Willie joins in from Eating for One:

Oscar from Little Monkey and Friends enjoying the recent snowfall:

Lulu’s friend LouLou from Why Travel to France in Carry le Rouet, which is in the South of France:

And last, but of course, not least, our very own Eli, doing one of the things he loves best … rolling around in fresh snow:

As usual, it’s also time for the Weekend Cat Blogging round-up over at Clare’s Eat Stuff, and here is our contribution, Callie trying to take a snooze on the top bunk:

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Clare Eats February 13, 2006 at 12:26 pm

It looks like she is attempting to hide ;)


Fran February 13, 2006 at 8:04 pm

Such cute doggie pics. Hope you are safe & cozy in all of that snow.


Mona February 13, 2006 at 8:32 pm

Thanks Sweetnicks, everyone looks great! I love Eli rolling in the snow, that was me yesterday morning, only I kinda slipped and fell on my butt on the sidewalk, unwillingly:)


Cate February 14, 2006 at 5:06 am

Clare – Callie is FOREVER trying to catch a snooze. Oh, to have her life.

Fran – thanks for stopping by!

Mona – I loved that picture of Eli. It’s hard to catch a good one when he’s rolling around, but I got lucky. Ouch on your fall! Been there, done that, and I totally feel your pain.


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