Trader Joes, Take-Out and More…

by Cate on March 12, 2006

My Dad is out of town on a business trip, so we stopped by my Mom’s house for dinner tonight. Nicholas was excited to go there, especially after he found out his Aunt Amanda and Uncle Tim were going to be there too; but first we had to clear up one thing:

“Mama, I don’t want Uncle Tim to turn me upside down.”
“OK, Nicholas, he won’t turn you upside down.”

Repeat 20 times on the way there.
‘Course by the time we leave, Nicholas turned into a giggly, wriggly little munchkin and Uncle Tim is tired from trying to keep up with him. And yup, he got turned upside down once, twice, probably three times, and loved almost every minute of it.

To keep it easy for dinner, my Mom ended up getting take-out from a local restaurant. Everything was delicious, but I think my favorite was the penne with pink sauce and mushrooms. Three hours later, I’m still stuffed.

Usually a trip to my parents’ house includes either a stop at Trader Joes or Whole Foods, since there are none near us; today it was Trader Joes. Here’s my haul. They have superb prices on cheese, so I grabbed a few hunks with some other goodies. I’ve introduced Nicholas to Italian orange soda, so bought a few of those, some smoked salmon, Portobellos, Morello cherries for ice cream and a few other goodies. Yes, there’s bologna in there. Avert your eyes.

Cinnamon is the theme for the upcoming Virtual Recipe Club, an event brainchild of The Savory Notebook. I’m hosting it this week, and entries are due Monday, if you’d like to be included in the round-up. You can get more details here. C’mon folks, be creative and get your inspiration flowing. Cinnamon can be found in tons of sweet and savory dishes, Indian cuisine and much more. I know what I’m making – do you? Hope to see you there. No excuses.

I’ve been working feverishly on loading recipes I’ve made and talked about in the drop-down menus on the right sidebar. Today, I got all the recipes from July/August ’05 up, as well as added a few new categories. Lots of great stuff there, so check it out when you need some inspiration for your next meal. September recipes should be up tomorrow.

Like Nutella? You might want to check out this short piece I just did for Daily Eats. Hard to find a better bargain.

Lest I forget … Saturday Night Sound Bites. Let’s take a peek and see what my fellow food bloggers are talking about:

McAuliflower over at Brownie Points has just made a delectable cocktail that I KNOW we’re making soon … Hot Apple Pie Shots. Yum!

Check out what great tasty snack Spoon and Stem cooked up this week. I know these are going on MY list for tomorrow.

And lastly, Weekly Dish finishes off her week of Oscar-themed cooking with some deliciously savory-looking Brokeback Ribs.

OK folks, all for tonight. Enough reading, right? Don’t forget to send in your pictures for Weekend Dog Blogging #25.

Tune in tomorrow to see what’s cookin’. Until then…

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