ARF/5-A-Day #17

by Cate on April 25, 2006

Another Tuesday, another ARF/5-A-Day round-up. Lots of newcomers and lots of inspiration.

We had company tonight and I made Pasta with Poached Egg, Frizzled Ham and Brown Butter. Getting distracted, I forgot to add a bit of the pasta water at the end … ooops, but luckily it was still good. A great weeknight meal, it’s fast to table.

Knowing I was making a non-ARF/5-A-Day recipe for dinner, earlier I used some languishing mushrooms to make Cooking Light’s Blackened Portobello-Mushroom Salad to snack on during the day. Super-fast to make and very flavorful, I’d definitely make this one again.

Without further do, the round-up.

Cucina Bella starts us off this week with her Glazed Beets and Mushroom Broccoli. Love all the pink!

In My Kitchen Garden thinks green this week with her original Farmgirl’s Green Garlic Fettuccine:

Stacey from Just Braise eschews dessert again this week (what’s going on?!) for her Mediterranean Pasta (or Red Pepper-Broccoli Rabe-White Bean & Procuitto Pasta):

Albion Cooks joins us for the first time with her Acorn Squash Stuffed with Chard Rice – gorgeous!

Susan from Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen in Mississippi checks in with her Fingerling Potatoes and Fennel. I love the delicate, almost ladylike nature of fingerlings.

Next up is Saffron Trail with her Lasooni Dal Palak (Garlicky Lentils with Spinach):

Bilbo from Smorgasbord in Japan shares a Mexican-Moroccan fusion dish:

Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen in Utah tackles fruit this week with her Red and Green Fruit Salad:

The Chocolate Lady from New York has her way with Persian Figs and tea:

Cooking Within My Grasp and her North Indian contribution, Eggplant Mash:

Another newcomer to ARF/5-A-Day, it’s Little Bouffe with her Brown Rice Risotto with Spinach and White Beans — talk about veggie goodness!

Finding a way to combat her hot kitchen, The Weekly Dish hits the grill with Eggplant and Portobello Salad … mmm, right up my alley!

Happy Burp shares the love with a heart-shaped pizza!

Cooking Medley introduces something that is probably new to a lot of us … Yu Choy Dal (think Chinese Spinach):

The lovely state of California is represented with Blog Appetite’s Pot Roast with a Kick:

What’s for Lunch, Honey? shares a great tummy-warming dish with her Italian Vegetable Soup with Gnocchi:

Another newcomer joins in the fun … Kitchen Culture from Canada contributes an ARF-packed Felfla Mechouia:

From Culinary Adventures in Canada, a very colorful Composed Salad featuring roasted beets, carrots, cucumbers and more:

Great round-up tonight – thanks to all who participated!

Hot Health Hint: A study from Biofactors shows that raspberries possess about 50% higher antioxidant activity than strawberries, and storage or processing into jams does not remove their valuable compounds. Raspberries also contain three times the antioxidant activity of kiwis, and ten times the antioxidant activity of tomatoes.

A year ago today … I didn’t post, so I have NO idea what I did!

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Kalyn April 26, 2006 at 12:33 pm

Cate, nice job as usual. I see some good recipes to try. (So many recipes, so little time!)


Zoubida April 26, 2006 at 1:27 pm

Great source of inspiration for ARF meals to come. Who said healthy is dull? What I see here is everything but dull.


Randi April 26, 2006 at 2:53 pm

Hi, Did you get my email? I sent you my link, but I didnt see it.


Cate April 26, 2006 at 10:04 pm

Thanks, Kalyn… I agree, so many choices!

Zoubida – glad you joined us – lots of great inspiration.

Randi – I didn’t get the e-mail, but have grabbed the info from your site. (If I don’t respond to your e-mail, I didn’t get it…). Thanks for the heads up.


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