My Mom’s Turn Tonight…

by Cate on September 23, 2006

Sometimes my Mom is so cute she makes me giggle. She loves sparkly shoes, dark chocolate, trashy romance novels and Rachael Ray. Like everyone else working full-time outside of the home, she has the daily challenge of figuring out what to make for dinner when she gets in. She sent me the below e-mail, which I had permission to post verbatim, thankyouverymuch. Perfection is throwing together a bunch of leftovers and making some pretty yummy stuff. And that’s what she did. Until tomorrow…

A year ago today … young love.

Evolution of Monday Night’s Dinner
From Sweetnicks’ Mom

Stand in front of open fridge door at dinner time.

Take out leftover take-out dinner from the weekend. It was grilled shrimp with linguine. Enough linguine there – just need to add some shrimp since only 2 are left.

Get shrimp from freezer: discover that they were already used. See package of Perdue chicken cuts that I was going to make chicken salad with but was too lazy.

Spy a package of mushrooms that really should be used and 4 tomatoes that are really ripe. Chop mushrooms and tomatoes and saute in some olive oil. Add some leftover chopped garlic, the chicken – and wait – there is a package of gorgonzola crumbles that I bought for a recipe and now I can’t remember what recipe they were for. Add some of those. Finally toss in the linguine with whatever sauce it has left and don’t forget the two sorry shrimp. Heat for a short time and serve.

It was actually really good!

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Robyn1007 September 23, 2006 at 1:49 am

I love that kind of meal and that one sounds particularly yummy, especially with the gorgonzola.


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