Weekend Dog Blogging #81

by Cate on April 15, 2007

No cooking today … miserable weather, torrential downpours all day, flooding, good day to stay inside and be lazy.

The three puppies from Rob Wonton stand at attention:

Bessy from Pulau Yue-Li is back, and my how she has grown!

The five, yup, five pups from Dispensing Happiness are back, enjoying Springtime weather (wish we had that!). Check out Stephanie’s site for more pup pics.

Newcomer Coney from Writing At My Kitchen Table joins in some Weekend Dog Blogging fun:

The pups and some hands-on medical care are next up from Shrike and Whozat. Poor puppy:

Kita enjoys the snowfall over at Sugar Mountain Farm:

And lastly, for our own picture, a trip down memory lane. Here, Nicholas was nine-months old and Eli just a puppy:

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Sylvie April 16, 2007 at 11:54 pm

Hi Cate. I flew into JFK Sunday in the midst of this Nor’easter storm. I had the added opportunity of driving to Hyde Park, the long way because of parkway closures. Wet fun.

Sorry Ziggy hasn’t been participating the last few weeks. I have also been busy preparing for the BBQ competition we participated in this past weekend which consumed a lot of my free time.

Hope to get back this coming weekend.


yue-li April 17, 2007 at 4:03 am

Hi Cate!

Thanks for putting together all the doggie pics… nothing brings a smile to my faster than seeing pictures of happy canines.



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