Apple Picking

by Cate on September 24, 2007

Would you believe Nicholas has never been apple picking? I know, a staggering thought. For that matter, neither have I. We’ve been pumpkin picking, but that’s it. Waking up to a beautifully clear day, I thought some time spent apple picking might be a good family activity to serve as a distraction from a somber weekend. I found this really helpful website,, where you can search by state to find pick-your-own places in your local area. A quick search uncovered Wightman’s Farms, a place I’ve heard of, but never visited.

Apple picking, pumpkin picking, a corn maize, a hayride through their 51 acres, a kids play area, pumpkin slingshot, homemade pies … more than enough to keep us busy and definitely a popular place. He had a blast choosing which apples to pick and was a pro at snatching them off the branches in no time. We came home with a mixed variety, some for him to snack on during the week, and some we plan to turn into applesauce (have a good recipe to share?). Nicholas already asked if we could go back, and I promised we would with my stepdaughter next weekend.

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Kelly Mahoney September 25, 2007 at 1:14 am

Every kid should have a you-pick experience. I took a neighbor kid to a pick your own pumpkin patch for a video I was making in my multimedia class. It was so adorable! We also made our own candy apples.


Anonymous September 26, 2007 at 12:30 am

I’ve never been apple picking either. Looks like loads of fun. Nicholas told me about it on Sunday afternoon.

The Sister In-Law


katrina September 30, 2007 at 1:13 am

omg!!!how funny is this!! i just spent hours researching pick your own farms, and this one is on my final list!! how are the apples, is there a large selection, is it really crowded, what are the prices?? this is so funny how small the world is.. o yeah there is an amazing applesauce recipe on cooking light- its oven roasted in a covered baking dish. its amazing! so creamy and smooth. i never add the extra sugar and usually leave the peels on b/c its easier and they are so yummy to pick out and eat!! hope you enjoy!


Cate September 30, 2007 at 5:33 pm

Kelly – making your own candy apples sounds like a fun time!

The Sister-in-Law – methinks it’s time for you to go apple picking!

Katrina – Very small world! You have to buy a family membership, which is good for the whole picking season ($11), and comes with a few $1/off coupons (towards hay ride, maize, apples, etc.). When we went, they had the seven apples listed available for picking. I think they were around $1.09/lb or thereabout, so it was reasonable. Thanks for the heads up on the CL applesauce recipe – will go track it down.


Lisa October 1, 2007 at 6:06 pm

My kids are now 18 to 22, and we still go apple, peach, pear, blueberry and strawberry picking every year (at the appropriate seasons) at our local orchards. It’s a lifelong memory that I’m sure my kids will pass down to their kids. I’m glad you started this with Nicholas!

As for the applesauce, there are a million recipes, but it really can be very simple. Just peel, core and slice your sweetest apples (so you don’t have to add too much sugar). Put them in a heavy bottomed pan with some water and a cinnamon stick. Cook slowly until the apples are broken down. You can use a masher to mash them up or put them through a food mill or sieve. When all is said and done, just taste. You can add other spices, sugar for sweetness, lemon juice or zest for tartness, it’s all up to you!

Best way to use it — After you’ve made your applesauce, spread it in the bottom of a heavy bottomed pan. Top with gingerbread (not cookie) batter and cook over low heat. The applesauce will steam the gingerbread. Then just scoop out a big helping and top with whipped cream!


Mrs Ergül May 13, 2008 at 9:51 pm

This seems like a nice activity & experience for kids! Sadly, I doubt we have that here in Singapore


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