Ten on Tuesday

by Cate on November 30, 2010

Mason Jar Frappuccino

It’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these, so I figure we’re due.   Or overdue if you’re a freak for consistency.

1.  We got our first Christmas card in the mail yesterday.  Somebody is clearly an overachiever.  Especially since it came from California, which means she had to have mailed it before Thanksgiving.  Way to make the rest of us look bad, eh?

2.  Our Christmas cards are NOT, I repeat, NOT, in the mail yet.  Don’t look for them in the next week or two either.  Shooting for mid-December.  We (and by we, I mean Nick and one of his friends) did manage to get up the kitchen Christmas tree.  Surely that must count for something?  And the stockings.  And the lights outside.

3.  When I was married, decorating outside was a small battle.  Half of the decorations would go up maybe the second week in December.  And the rest the week of Christmas.  And then they would stay up until about mid-February.  I was not responsible for outside decorating.  Merely the nagging to get said outside decorations done.  Clearly there are some positive aspects to being divorced.  Who knew?  (tongue firmly in cheek)  Both last year and this year, our decorating started the weekend after Thanksgiving and was completed within a week.  More time to enjoy it and all.  Sometimes it’s better to be responsible for everything. Mentally exhausting as all get-out, but at least things get done.

4.  Madeline is feeling a bit better today.  Today she didn’t tell me that she was sick at all.  We did manage to get an Icee, mostly because I’m convinced it’s a good way to soothe the aching throat of my littlest little.

5.   Did you know that I still sell Tupperware?  Just in case it happens to be the perfect gift for someone on your holiday list (it is, isn’t it?!), you can check out all their newest products at that little linky link and order right from that comfy chair you’re sitting in.

6.  Last week, when I saw Nick’s teacher, I told her that one of my goals is to get off her speed dial list.  Because surely there is another parent that needs a regular phone call, yes?  This week, my goal was to go the whole week without a phone call.  As of yesterday afternoon, this week’s goal was already shot to heck.  Now I must focus on next week.  They’re not all bad phone calls, per se, just interesting challenges, questions and situations that keep popping up.  I’m just CERTAIN that it’s someone else’s turn.  It’s got to be!

7.  I have yet, knock wood, to get one phone call this school year about Madeline, my little firecracker.  I realize the year is still young and I may have just jinxed myself, but go ahead, bring it.

8.  The kids and I watched the Ramona and Beezus movie on Saturday night.  Loved it.  All of us did.  The quietest I’ve ever seen my kids for a two hour stint.  The Ramona series was a favorite of mine growing up.  Even though I’m the older sister, I, unfortunately, probably acted more like Ramona.  And my daughter?  Yeah, that’d be her too.  With a little Dennis the Menace throw in for good measure.  Good thing she’s so darn cute.

9.   Last week, it was 23 degrees here in the Garden State.  Tomorrow?  It’s supposed to be 60.  No need to wonder why we’re nursing head colds and coughs in the O’Malley household.

10.   And lastly, the recipe I promised you from yesterday.  I don’t drink coffee.  Or tea.  A near Hot Drink Aversion straight across the board.  I don’t mind the taste of coffee though and am mildly hooked on Frappuccinos and their familiar cousins.  I found this Mason Jar Frappuccino on the Tasty Kitchen website awhile back, and it definitely does the trick.  Sometimes I add extra ice and mix it up in the blender for a frostier version.  And then, of course, a small drizzle of chocolate syrup on the top to finish it off.

Project 365
November 30, 2010, Photo #236 and #237

Icee Makes It Better

Our own Icee Elixir, good for what ails you.

So Tired

For my Mom superstitious readers, I promise she did not open the umbrella in the house. Apparently, though, it is the perfect accessory for an afternoon nap on the couch.  Who knew?

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Joanne December 1, 2010 at 7:16 am

Yay I’m glad to hear Maddie’s feeling better! My parents never put up their decorations until a day before Christmas. Out of procrastination. So you are SO ahead of the game in that department.

I had no idea that you sold Tupperware! I’m so going to check it out. As a gift. To myself. :P


Ramona December 1, 2010 at 11:38 am

Glad she’s better.

Nick, Nick, Nick – what’s Momma gonna do with you.


Meg December 1, 2010 at 5:54 pm

Writing Christmas cards is one of my favorite parts of the season! My sister and I write all of them out each Thanksgiving while watching the Macy’s parade. It took all my will power not to just go ahead and mail those babies on Black Friday — but I withheld! And sent them Monday. :) They’re probably being dropped in folks’ mailboxes as we speak… hope they don’t hate me for it. :)

Loving the look and sound of the mason jar frappuccino! I do love hot drinks, but every now and then you need to cool down!


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