In All Things, Choose Joy

by Cate on January 20, 2012

A couple months ago, one of the kids’ teachers said to me, “You’re always so happy.”  I laughed, because I certainly don’t always feel that way.  But on the days when I’m not feeling especially happy about something, I choose joy.  I like that she said that about me, and that that’s one of the outward perceptions I might project.

There was a stunning sunset one night last week and as I uploaded the picture, a friend mentioned that she saw the sunset and thought of me.  She wanted to know if that was weird.  Heck no!  I love that she saw something happy, and that she knew I’d be all over it, and thought of me.

I frequently get e-mails with photos of rainbows that readers have spotted somewhere, or accidental heart-shaped things that they’ve come across during their day.  And I love that those things remind people of me.

As I wore a second shirt with sequins on it to work this week, one of my co-workers said she’s going to call me “Sparkles.”  Hey, I can whine with the best of them, so I’ll take it!

Sometimes, being happy comes easy.  It requires no effort.  It just is.

Some days, it means making a conscious decision.

And then?  Then, I choose joy.

The above picture was taken one morning this week, on the way to take Nick to school.  I love the bright sunshine peeking through the raindrops on the car window.  It seemed like the perfect spot to put one of my favorite mantras.

Choose joy.

(And lucky for you, the print is available in my Etsy shop!  Go get one of your very own while they last, and spread the word.)

Have a wonderful, joy-filled weekend, my loves. xoxo

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Sarah Caron January 20, 2012 at 9:40 pm

Beautiful photo and what a great message. Did you see the sky photo I put up the other day? It totally made me think of you.


Casey January 20, 2012 at 11:35 pm

I love this message. It’s so true and one that I follow every day. Recently a friend told me about a sign she saw that reminded her of me. It said, “The smile on my face does not mean that my life is perfect. It simply means that I’m grateful for what God has blessed me with.” Love that.

ps – been meaning to tell you that I finally started my biz…….would love for you to check it out on facebook.

Glad to see the Eat. Live. Be. posts this year. Keep up the good work, girls!

xo, Casey


Maureen January 21, 2012 at 12:48 am

I saw an interview on Aussie TV last night and the woman interviewed said pretty much the same thing you did. She said with all the things in the world going pretty much pear shaped, we all feel quite out of control. She went on to say but… she COULD control how she felt every day. She could choose to see gloom and doom or she could choose to see the things in her life that were positive and there were a lot of them.

I envy you both. :)


Joanne January 21, 2012 at 7:27 am

Rainbows will eternally make me think of you for the rest of my life. So will cambozola. Both joyful good happy things. :)


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